Is It Worth Vetting Office Cleaners? Yes – Here’s Why.

As far as most are concerned, cleaning the average office doesn’t exactly rank up there with the most difficult and complicated tasks in life.

Sure, it can take forever and involve some serious labour, but in terms of difficulty it’s really not rocket science.

So, when it comes to taking on professional office cleaners either on a temporary or long-term basis, chances are most won’t go through a particularly lengthy selection process when choosing the company they hire. After all, given the relatively simple nature of the task at hand, there’s no point reading too much into it, right?

So, here are our top tips for hiring office cleaners for your business:

Wrong…and very!

The unfortunate reality of the situation is that no matter how simple a cleaning job might appear on the surface, you are technically inviting a stranger into your office and giving them access to some pretty important areas to say the least. And given the fact that most wouldn’t just let any stranger in off the streets, it’s really only a matter of common sense to check up on the cleaning services Manchester has to offer and which you intend to allow into your office.

After all, there’s far more to what’s in store than just wiping down a few surfaces.


Right off the bat, it’s vital to check on the insurance carried by the firm and the way in which it extends to cover workers while on your property. Accidents happen and there’s no ruling out the unexpected, but the last thing you want is to face legal action and a massive fine following an incident that wasn’t in any way your fault and should by rights have been covered by the firm’s insurance. Always ask, and if they can’t prove they’re covered, move on.


Then there’s the subject of professionalism as when it comes to allowing people into your home, you want cleaners that not only take their job seriously but also have pride in their work. There’s nothing worse than entering into a long-term contract only to find by day three that the cleaner is either the most inept worker on the planet, or rather rude and intimidating.


Next up, cleaners use all manners of weird and wonderful tools, supplies and products to go about their daily duties – some of which are more dangerous than others. As such, it’s never a bad idea to look into the products and supplies the cleaning company sides with as those with more sensitive employees in particular aren’t really going to benefit from the use of highly-toxic and corrosive chemicals being splashed all over the office.


And finally, you’re carrying out your own checks for basic common sense reasons, so you’d expect the firm you’re looking into to do the same. As such, it’s crucial to find out whether or not the cleaners themselves have been adequately background checked by the employer in order to ensure that it is in fact safe to invite them into your office. More often than not there’s nothing to worry about, but this isn’t the kind of thing you really want to take chances rolling the dice with.

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