How to Select a Safe School Cleaning Service.

In any environment where kids of all ages are present, outstanding cleanliness and hygiene are, of course, mandatory.

This is precisely why the vast majority of schools hire professional cleaning companies to take care of their own general sanitation duties as the involvement and intensity of the work required is beyond the capabilities of the average in-house workforce.

Of course, with so many cleaning companies on the market these days it’s technically inevitable that some are going to do a much better job than others. What’s more, it’s technically possible for anyone with a bunch of cleaning products and a simple website to label themselves as a professional cleaning company.

So, how can you be sure that the school cleaning service you hire is both safe and capable?

1 – Relevant Experience.

Well, first of all it’s crucial to choose a brand with relevant experience. The reason being that school cleaning is in many ways wholly unique and unlike any other type of corporate or commercial cleaning job. So while there might be more than a few cleaning services in the North West out there that are willing to give school cleaning a shot, it’s always in your best interests to choose a company with plenty of relevant experience.

2 – Vetted Staff.

The most important consideration of all is, of course, the safety and well-being of the children attending the school in question. As such, it’s always reassuring to know that the cleaning company chosen, only employs workers that are not only trained and experienced, but fully vetted and background checked. This way, you can avoid unknowingly bringing anyone onto the premises with a somewhat unsavoury past.

3 – Fully Insured Services.

A quick point, but a crucially important point nonetheless, never allow a cleaning company to come anywhere near school premises unless they can produce evidence that they are fully insured to be doing what they do.

4 – Flexible Working Hours.

It’s important to choose a company willing to work flexible hours as disruption should be kept to a minimum while classes are in session. This can often mean cleaners that work evenings, weekends, and even bank holidays – something not all cleaners are willing to do.

5 – Request References.

Rather than just taking their word for granted, ask the prospective cleaning company to provide a few references for verification. Ask for details of the schools they’ve worked with before and give them a call to ask for their feedback and recommendations.

6 – A Commitment to Safety.

As health and safety are of the utmost importance in school settings, the cleaning company you choose should acknowledge and support this. From the use of only the safest cleaning products to the latest equipment and commitment to safe working practices, all such boxes must be ticked for peace of mind.

7 – Urgent/Unplanned Call-Outs.

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that urgent or unplanned call-outs may be needed from time to time if there’s a problem or an unexpected incident that demands an urgent clean-up. It’s therefore a good idea to choose a cleaning company that’s willing and able to step up and step in at any time to help out as and when they’re needed.

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