The Five Key Cornerstones of a Quality Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning companies exist in larger numbers today than ever before.

This of course is primarily due to the way in which the Internet has made it possible for small businesses to compete at much higher levels and for those with the drive and passion to do so to make a success of their business dreams. Needless to say, the fact that more competition generally breeds higher standards and lower prices is nothing but a good thing for those employing commercial cleaners. But at the same time, it also means slightly more effort is needed to identify the genuinely outstanding cleaning companies from those of a more generic nature.

Considering hiring a cleaning company for your own business?

1 – Employee Screening and No Outsourcing

The first key cornerstone of a great cleaning company is that of a dedicated in-house talent pool and the refusal to outsource jobs to other cleaning companies and freelancers. The reason being that this is the only way of being able to vet and verify every cleaner that represents the brand in question for their abilities, experience, reliability and background in general. For safe and superior-quality cleaning service provision, this is an absolute must.

2 – Established History and Range of Services

The second cornerstone of quality is that of a cleaning company that not only offers a wide range of services, but has also been in business for some time. Combined, these two traits confirm not only that the business is multi-faceted and versatile, but also that they’re proved themselves as first-rate by managing to stay in business for several years. It’s a tough industry to survive in and only the strongest ever will.

3 – Contract-Free Trial Periods

Genuinely free trial periods are hard to come by due to the tendency for some clients to exploit the offer. However, what should always be offered by a standout cleaning company is a contract-free trial period, where the company’s skills and services are put to the test with no long-term contractual obligations. This way, the client is able to put them through their paces and see what they’re capable of before going any further – total peace of mind and pure common sense.

4 – Strong Feedback and References

Without any shadow of doubt, one of the most important cornerstones of all is that of a solid reputation as established by past and present clients. If the cleaning business has been up and running for some time, they should have an extensive list of satisfied clients from which positive feedback and glowing references will usually flow quite naturally. Before agreeing to any kind of deal or contract, ask for references and speak to past customers for verification.

5 – Cost and Quality Guarantees

Last up, the fifth and final cornerstone of the outstanding cleaning company is the provision of rock-solid price promises and general satisfaction guarantees. Not only should you be promised that no better deal will be found elsewhere, but there should also be a clause in the deal that states that no job will be paid for unless the results are satisfactory. Any cleaning business that cannot offer such guarantees is clearly saying something unfortunate about both its own confidence and capabilities.

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