What to Look For in an Office Cleaning Company.

There are so many office cleaning services in the North West of England right now, you’d be forgiven for assuming there was little difference between them.

In reality, the pros and cons from one brand to the next are in fact night and day – some cut corners to save costs, others are out to overcharge their clients and some are just downright dodgy.

Of course, in amongst the mix there are the elite Stockport and Manchester office cleaning companies that not only do an epic job, but do so for the lowest possible price. The key therefore lies in knowing how to weed out the brands you really don’t want to be doing business with, targeting only those you can trust to do your business and your workplace proud.

Here’s what to be on the lookout for when choosing an office cleaning company:

1 – Professional Staff.

First up, there’s a big difference between a bank of professional in-house cleaners and bringing in random third parties time after time to save money. Suffice to say, of these two cleaning company business models it’s the latter you really don’t want to have anything to do with. Unless they know their cleaning staff, have worked with them extensively, and know what they’re capable of, how can they possibly vouch for them? The answer of course being simple, they can’t!

2 – Plenty of Experience.

The thing about experience is of course that the more they’ve got, the better. Commercial cleaning takes years of experience to master and has the potential to be a pretty risky area for amateurs and newcomers. All cleaners have to start somewhere of course, but for the sake of your own business and its interests, do yourself a favour and stick with a cleaning brand with plenty of experience.

3 – Comprehensive Insurance.

A quick point but a crucial point nonetheless; never do business with an office cleaner that isn’t insured comprehensively. After all, what happens if there’s an accident or incident on-site and neither your insurance nor theirs covers the outcome?

4 – Satisfaction Guarantees.

The mark of a quality cleaning company is one that will happily back everything it does with a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee. This means that if a job isn’t done to an acceptable standard, it will be redone for free. And if it’s still not good enough, you don’t pay for it.

5 – No Contractual Obligations.

You should never be pressured into signing yourself into any kind of long-term contract before getting a full idea of how the cleaning company and its team performs when put to the test. And just for the record, heavy up-front payments are also danger signs to be aware of; they should never be requested or paid.

6 – An Abundance of References.

Last but not least, nothing says more about the quality and competence of any given commercial cleaning service than the praise and support of its past and present clients. As such, prior to going ahead with any cleaning service deal it’s of the utmost importance to both request and contact as many references as necessary to attain that all-important peace of mind. If they have a reputation to be proud of, chances are they’ll be delighted to share it with you.

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