Six Signs It Could Be Time to Switch Cleaning Companies

Setting out to find a commercial cleaning service provider is hardly a barrel of laughs in the first place. As such, the idea of having to go through the process two, three or even several times isn’t one that most business owners would take kindly to. Nevertheless, when and where it becomes clear that you’re really not getting the service you’re paying for, it’s hardly in the best interests of the company to just stick with the same cleaning service out of blind habit.

So in terms of when and where it might be a good idea to at least think about switching to a new cleaning provider, here’s a look at six of the tell-tale signs you’d be better-off elsewhere:

Inconsistent Cleaning Standards

The first and most obvious sign that something’s wrong is of course that of the cleaning standards themselves suddenly taking a turn for the worse. This commonly happens when the same cleaning service has been used for an extensive period as the more time that passes, the sloppier standards often become. Suffice to say this is 100% unacceptable and should prompt you to immediately set your sights elsewhere.

Costs On the Up

There’s really little to no reason why the price you pay for the cleaning services should go up over time – unless of course you expand or intensify their involvement. If anything, prices for pro cleaning services have been going down over the years so if at any time you get the feeling you’re paying more but aren’t getting any additional value for money, you might want to think about making a switch.

Unprofessional Attitudes

There will always be those cleaning companies which over time become a little too comfortable in what they’re doing and lose sight of professionalism. They begin to treat the offices/businesses in which they work a little like social clubs, which for obvious reasons is again 100% unacceptable.


Reliability and efficiency should also be taken into account as while it’s one thing to get the job done, getting it done well and promptly is an altogether different story. If things seem to be dragging out unnecessarily or their general reliability is on the decline, it’s time to bail.

New Cleaners Every Week

When a cleaning company sends in new cleaners on a regular basis, this means cleaners that have to start from scratch when it comes to learning the ins and outs of your building, your cleaning regime and generally how to get the job done. As such, a quality cleaning company will move heaven and earth to ensure the same team carries out the same jobs for the same company on a regular and long-term basis. If they suddenly begin switching things up, this might not work out in your favour.

Difficult to Contact

Last but not least, if you’re finding it increasingly difficult to get in touch with those in charge at the cleaning company who never seem to return your calls, this is a sure-fire sign of an unprofessional company. Form answering machines to messages not being relayed and pure ignorance alike, you should be able to reach out at any time and any questions or concerns you may have an immediate…or at least prompt…reply.

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