6 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace Means a Safe Workplace

It’s common to assume that cleanliness and order in the workplace offer little more than aesthetic value. In reality however things are quite different as while there is much to be said for an office that looks the part, cleanliness will always play a role in workplace safety.

Indeed, there are millions of workplace accidents and reported illnesses every year in the UK alone of which the vast numbers could have been avoided if the working environment had been kept clean and in better order.

Here’s a look at just a few reasons why a clean workplace is important for safety:

  1.      First of all, consider the way in which floors that are kept clean, dry and free of obstacles are exponentially safer than floors that are wet, damaged or obstructed. These days, employers have a legal obligation to look after the health and safety of those working within their premises of which one of the most important points of all is that of minimising the risk of slips, trips and falls.
  2.   In a workplace where antibacterial products are used on a regular basis for hygiene purposes, the chances of any specific employee picking up an illness or infection are greatly reduced. Suffice to say, during the flu season things like this are especially important, though should be practiced all year without exception.
  3. In buildings where there are any air conditioning or heating systems in place, it is important for all ductwork and pipes to be kept clean and in good condition. When and where such essential jobs are overlooked, it often doesn’t take long for the air within the building to become unpleasant, unclean and perhaps even contaminated.
  4. Not only can efficient lighting within a building save the business money, but it can also help reduce accident, injury and illness rates. When buildings are not lit properly, it is considerably more likely that any given employee may be injured by an obstruction, or perhaps suffer eyestrain having worked extensively in poor lighting.
  5. When a workplace is kept as clean as possible and receives regular check-ups either by an external team or an in-house team of cleaners, it is exponentially less likely that anything will be allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. From furniture to machinery to appliances and so on and so forth, regular cleaning allows those carrying it out to keep an eye on things for any signs of excessive wear, tear or damage.
  6. Last but not least, in an office that is allowed to become excessively cluttered and congested with a wide variety of bits and pieces that really have no business being there, safety once again takes a dive. Whether it’s creating slip/trip hazards or increasing the risk of fire, excessive clutter and debris around the workplace tend to be one of the most common causes of what can turn out to be rather serious accidents and incidents.

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