How to Run a Clean, Green Office With Ease

While it’s true to say that pretty much every business in operation these days understands the importance of running in a manner that’s as environmentally friendly as possible, this doesn’t mean all businesses are following the rules. Quite to the contrary in fact as while token efforts may be made once or twice a year to ‘green things up’ a little, the actual day to day efforts made in most instances are, if we’re being perfectly honest, rather on the paltry side.

Still, the good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult to make a few important changes which when combined with those of hundreds of thousands of other businesses really do add up to a great deal.

Here is a quick look at a few tips on the stepping up the greenness without having to invest a great deal in the process:

  1. Try to get out of the habit of printing anything and everything regardless of the fact that it may be unnecessary or destined for the dustbin pretty much instantaneously. If it isn’t absolutely necessary, don’t print it at all.
  2.  If and when things do need to be printed though are not destined to be used for anything of particularly high gravitas, try to get the office into the habit of using scrap paper – that meaning the other side of paper which has already been used.
  3. Give thought to doing away with paper towel dispensers across the office when and where possible, replacing them instead with electric hand dryers. Not only are paper towels quite the opposite of environmentally friendly, they also waste obscene amounts of money long-term.
  4. Consider installing sensors around the office in order to automatically ensure that lights are switched off when and where there is nobody in the vicinity. In theory you should technically be able to get the same effect by communicating the importance of turning lights off to the work force, but it is inevitable that things like this will be forgotten more often than not.
  5. Never forget that the more you try to compensate for unpleasant odours by blasting out vast quantities of chemical air fresheners, all you are doing is pumping toxins into the air and doing nothing about the source of the odour. Where there are rather tenacious bad smells, it usually means that something needs cleaning properly or replacing.
  6. In fact, you could consider making the switch only to cleaning products which have been verified as environmentally friendly or at least 100% safe to be used around human beings. You might be surprised just how many of the bits and pieces you are using are in fact quite hideously hazardous to health.
  7. Last but not least, perhaps the most efficient way of making the switch to a clean and green office is to call in the professionals to keep tabs on things on your behalf. And when you consider the kind of equipment and supplies you would otherwise have to buy to take care of things yourself, there’s a good chance you will probably save money by opting for professional input.

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