Seven Money-Saving Workplace Cleaning Tips

So it’s probably fair to say that as cleaning and janitorial duties are not the most exciting or productive of office tasks, you’d ideally like them to be as affordable as possible. After all, businesses only take care of essential office cleaning duties because they have to – is not as if they seek them out for the pleasure that they are.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick look at seven essential tips for affordable cleaning in the workplace:

1.     If you have the facilities to process them, start using cloths, towels and rags that can be washed and reused multiple times as opposed to spending money over and over again on paper towels. And when it comes to cleaning glass, you might just be surprised how effective old newspaper can be.

2.     Never forget that the overwhelming majority of dirt and grime that is brought in to the average office comes from outside. As such, it’s more than worth investing in the necessary bits, pieces and policies to help keep dirt out of the office in the first place, as opposed to simply fighting it at a later stage.

3.     Here’s a great tip for bringing a whole new dynamic of efficiency into the office kitchen. Instead of providing all manner of cups, plates, crockery and cutlery for employees to use, have them bring their own. This way, it’s infinitely more likely they’ll make the effort to keep their bits and pieces clean and orderly instead of allowing things to descend into chaos.

4.     Don’t head out and invest in a bunch of expensive cleaning products and stain removers until you have first taken a look online to see if there are any super-affordable DIY alternatives you can whip up. Suffice to say that with a little baking soda, lemon juice, toothpaste and vinegar, you’d be amazed at the kinds of effective concoctions you can throw together.

5.     Would you believe it is often far more affordable to hire the professionals to take care of your office cleaning duties, as opposed to doing things manually? It sounds like a ludicrous suggestion to make on the surface but is in fact one that holds a lot of truth. The reason being that once you add up the costs of buying the various appliances and products you will need along with the manpower required to operate them, chances are the same cash could’ve been used to call in an expert cleaning team and have them do a superior job on your behalf.

6.     Don’t be afraid to be as strict as necessary when it comes to ‘encouraging’ all employees to clean as they go. Cliché as it may sound, if everyone did their little bit every day at every opportunity, you would never find yourself in a situation where intensive (and expensive) cleaning was necessary.

7.     Last but not least, try to remember that one of the best ways of maintaining a clean and tidy office is to limit opportunities to make it unclean and untidy in the first place. It sounds like an obvious suggestion and indeed it is, but if you make concerted efforts to get rid of as much clutter as possible and go for something of a minimalist look and theme across the board, you’ll find things naturally staying cleaner and more orderly day in and day out.

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