Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Four Myths Busted Wide Open

Never given any real thought to commercial carpet cleaning? Under the impression the carpets around your office are pretty much fine as they are? Prefer to hire out a cleaning machine rather than paying the professionals to come and do the job on your behalf?

Here’s a quick look at four longstanding myths on the subject of office carpet cleaning that might just change your perspective on things:

1 – It Looks Clean, So it Must Be Clean

First up, carpets installed around the workplace tend to be perfect illustrations of the fact that looks can be and often are deceiving. Just because any given carpet looks clean and indeed it smells fresh enough does not in fact mean that it is even close to sanitary or hygienic. What has to be acknowledged is the way in which to judge a carpet’s cleanliness by appearance alone is to judge only the very top layer of the material that’s visible to the naked eye. In terms of what lurks beneath…well, let’s just say in the instance of the carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it really doesn’t bear thinking about!

2 – It’s Only a Few Months Old So Doesn’t Need Cleaning Yet

The simple fact of the matter is that the longer you leave it before giving a brand new carpet a thorough cleaning, the more damage will be done to the fabric. Once again, it’s important to understand that there is a difference between a carpet that is visually clean and one that is hygienically clean. Not only this, but when dirt, grime, bacteria and all manner of nasties begin to accumulate below the surface…as they will…they will slowly but surely compromise the integrity of your carpet. So regardless of how new the carpet is and how shiny it may look, it’s never a good idea to overlook the value of professional cleaning services.

3 – It’s Cheaper to Rent a Machine and the Result Will Be the Same

Of course it will always be at least slightly cheaper to rent out a machine rather than calling in the professionals, but in terms of results, there’s really no comparison. The reason being that it takes a great deal of time, training and experience to learn exactly how to get the very best out of industrial carpet cleaning machinery and to ensure that the carpets are not fatally damaged in the process. Even the slightest oversight or mistake during the cleaning process has the potential to wreak havoc with both the appearance and the integrity – suffice to say therefore it is a risk that is not worth taking.

4 – Powdered Fresheners Do a Fine Job

Last but not least, while it’s fair to say that powdered fresheners may do as they promise, they can in fact do more harm than good. The reason being that when and where you find yourself in a position where your carpets are no longer smelling particularly healthy, this should be interpreted as a warning sign that they are in dire need of a good clean. As such, when and where you use products designed to mask these odours rather than addressing the source, you essentially ignore the problem and allow it to get worse. And the longer you leave it, the more damage will be done to your carpets along the way.

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