Six Reasons to Choose Absolutely Gleaming Services

Here at Absolutely Gleaming Services, we’re often asked to put our money where our mouths are as of what it is that sets as apart from the competition. And it’s a subject we never shy away from either as we understand just how many others there are in the same line of work as us and therefore revel in the opportunity to win over new clients.

So if you be looking for the ideal commercial cleaning company to help out around the office or any other business premises across the board, here’s a quick look at six reasons why Absolutely Gleaming Services is a genuine market-leader:

1. We take enormous pride in delivering not only flawless results without exception, but also uniquely dedicated and passionate customer service. This is precisely why an incredible 85% of our clients and customers came to us having been recommended by other customers and those familiar with the Absolutely Gleaming Services brand name.

2. Rather than offering a series of fixed service packages and cleaning solutions for our clients to choose from, we do things the other way around. We prefer to listen to the requirements and requests of our customers in order to create a bespoke cleaning solution which not only ticks all the right boxes but can be provided in accordance with their available budget. Regardless of how limited our clients’ budget may be, we still guarantee the most outstanding value for money.

3. Unlike so many of our rivals, we employ only the most experienced and capable full-time professional cleaners with a strong track record in the provision of flawless commercial cleaning services. We are not in the habit of outsourcing jobs to third-party cleaners or cleaning services and we extensively vet and verify each and every one of our team members.

4. Absolutely Gleaming Services is proud to have one of the very best staff retention records of any business currently working in the commercial cleaning industry. Our standards, ethos and work ethic are all uniquely strong and ensure that when professional cleaners join the AGS team, they stick with us long-term.

5. We insist on using only the highest quality cleaning products and the latest equipment on the market in order to deliver flawless results every time for every single one of our clients. We are committed to providing cleaning services that not only produce an attractive result, but the kind of hygienic result that benefits each and every member of the workforce. We also operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

6. Last but not least, Absolutely Gleaming Services is available for hire on any and every basis imaginable – anything from one-off spring cleaning jobs to the preparation of new premises and right through to daily/weekly/monthly regular cleaning services. Whatever it is you need, AGS promises to deliver superior results for the lowest price on the market.

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