Commercial Bathroom Cleaning – Essential Tips for Lightening the Load

Bathroom cleaning – undoubtedly one of the most joyless and yet equally unavoidable of all workplace duties. Like it or not, on-site toilets and washrooms really aren’t going to clean themselves. And try as you might, it’s not realistic to expect those using the facilities day in and day out to keep them spotlessly clean and hygienic.

Which in turn means there’s always going to be cleaning to be done, but with the help of a few expert tips it at least doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking.

Little and Often

First up, it’s far more effective to go about the cleaning process little and often, rather than to simply tackle the whole task all at once at a set time and day. In busy work places in particular, 24 hours can be more than long enough for things to get well and truly out of hand by way of both tidiness and hygiene. It’s always a better idea to set up something of an hourly check system, as you’ve no doubt encountered in various settings before.

Freshen Up

When it comes to the products you use to freshen the place up fragrance-wise, avoid the temptation to be stingy. Yes, they need replacing often and of course they’re destined for dirty duties, but at the same time it’s worth spending a little more on quality freshening products to avoid your office bathrooms ending up smelling like 1970s working men’s club urinals.

The Right Equipment

As you’re looking to tackle things on an industrial scale, you can’t realistically expect to get away with the 99p brush and bargain-basement cleaning chemicals that work just fine around the home. Like it or not, you’ve really very little choice but to invest in the right tools and equipment for the job, which don’t tend to come cheap to say the least. Suffice to say, this is one of the many reasons why most businesses call in the pros to keep their bathrooms spick and span.

On-Hand Stock

Never overlook the importance of keeping plenty of on-hand stock around the workplace in order to avoid a potential bathroom blunder. From toilet rolls to hand soap to sanitiser and so on, you need to make sure you always have plenty more than you need, just in case you should happen to need it.

Go Minimal

The less there is in any given office bathroom, the less there is to mess up. As such, simplicity is often the key to lightening the load when it comes to cleaning – tiled floors, smaller mirrors, automatic hand dryers and so on will all play a key role.


Last but not least, when you consider the costs attributed to not only the professional equipment you’re going to need but also the people you’ll have to pay to do the job, you might just find it more affordable to outsource the job to a professional cleaning service. And given the nature of the job, you might as well give it to those who genuinely love what they do and are thus guaranteed to do a significantly better job of it.

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