Simple Yet Effective Office Windows Cleaning Tips

The fact that there are always better and more important things to do around the office means that certain domestic duties tend to take a backseat. A perfect example would be office window cleaning, which unless contracted out to the professionals usually ends up being the kind of thing that’s put off and put off again until things become genuinely unsightly.

So while it may not be the most exciting subject in the world, what follows is a quick overview of some of the simplest yet most effective tips for both cleaning windows in the workplace and keeping them clean. With a little TLC from time to time, it doesn’t have to be a backbreaking chore.

Window Wipes

First up, consider keeping a few packs of wet window wipes around the office in close proximity to the windows. The idea here being that the workforce ideally gets into the habit of grabbing a wipe from time to time and giving the windows a once-over. And if they don’t, make them!

Set Up a Schedule

On that note, one of the easiest ways of ensuring that the office windows remain clean and pristine at all times is to assign the job to various people on a rotational basis. As it’s just a case of a simple wipe every day, give the job to one person one day, another the next day and so on. If everyone chips in, the whole job becomes a breeze.

See the Light

Contrary to popular belief, the worst time to attempt to clean windows around the workplace is when they are basking in strong sunlight. This is often the time when it’s most tempting to get busy with the cleaning products as strong sunshine highlights each and every imperfection on the pane. Nevertheless, strong sun will also lead to excessively fast drying which is almost guaranteed to leave you with more streaks and smears.

Inside Out

Speaking of smears, one absolutely fabulous tip to follow at all times is that of using a side to side action when washing the inside of windows and an up and down action outside. The reason being that this way, if you find yourself facing a problem with irritating smears and streaks, you’ll at least know which side of the window they are on.

Get the Gear

It might be slightly more expensive than a roll of kitchen towel and a spray bottle full of the blue stuff, but it’s more than worth considering investing in a high quality washing wand and Squeegee. Not only are these kinds of tools 100% reusable, but they’ll get the job done faster and better, every time.

Call in the Pros

Last but not least, it’s always worth at least speaking to a professional office window cleaning service as once you’ve totted up the costs of the equipment, supplies and the manpower needed to get the job done, there’s every chance you’d save both time and money by having your windows cleaned professionally.

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