Animal Alert – Warning Signs of an Unwelcome Infestation

When it comes to genuine nightmares the likes of which no business owner would ever wish to face, pest infestation has to rank up there with the worst of them. Pests of all shapes and sizes can have a devastating effect on pretty much any business, affecting everything from employee health and safety right through to the structural integrity of the building itself.

Of course, the easiest approach of all is to take something of a blind eye to the prospect of pest infestation and silently pray it never happens to you. Unfortunately, it can, will and indeed does happen to so many business owners up and down the country each and every year – some of whom face the kinds of consequences they genuinely could never have imagined.

In all instances, pest infestations require professional attention – if only because you yourself will have no idea how to determine just how serious the problem is. In terms of detecting the problem in the first place however, this is something that comes down to you and you alone as a business owner.

So for the benefit of those looking to take proactive care of their long-term business interests, here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the most common and indicative signs of a potential workplace pest infestation:

1 – Little Black Objects

First and foremost, there are literally thousands of different creatures and critters that can leave little black ‘objects’ all over the place, which in most instances may neither be obvious nor what you think they are. They could be droppings, they could be cockroach eggs and so on and so forth – anywhere they appear, they need to be taken seriously. And just for the record, cleaning them away on a regular basis will do absolutely nothing to address the problem – it will only get worse behind the scenes.

2 – Itching/Rashes

If one or more members of the workforce find themselves facing a problem with constant itching or the appearance of rashes, it’s worth bearing in mind that a bug or mite infestation could be the cause. Of course at the same time it could be nothing of the sort, but as it is your liability under consideration here, it’s more than worth getting the problem checked out. Just as is the case in a home, there are thousands of places around the office that can harbour tiny insects and other creatures.

3 – Electrical Problems

In many instances, unexplained electrical problems can be explained quite easily – mice or rats nibbling through hidden cables. If of course you see this kind of evidence, it’s pretty obvious as to what the cause of the problem is. If on the other hand things are hidden safely from view, you might need the professionals to check what’s going on. But if you are frequently experiencing electrical problems or short circuits, an infestation could be to blame.

4 – Signs of Gnawing

You may also come across other signs of nibbling and gnawing around the office, which should never under any circumstances be treated or regarded as isolated incidents. There really isn’t any feasible instance where the presence of one rat, mouse or insect will not indicate a quite unpleasantly large problem lurking behind the scenes. So whether it’s plastic garbage bags, wooden skirting boards or anything else across the board, don’t ignore signs of gnawing.

5 – Collections of Food

Last but not least, rodents almost always tend to collect food together and store it in specific locations. From nuts to seeds to berries to bits and pieces from the garbage, if you find any seemingly random mini-piles of food around the office, you can rest assured there’s nothing random about it at all!

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