How to Immediately Know if Your Carpets Need Professional Attention

It’s one thing to give your workplace carpets the occasional vacuum, but when does the time come to call in the professionals? After all, professional cleaning represents the kind of added expense most businesses try to avoid as proactively as possible, but where and when should the line be drawn realistically?

Well, personal opinions as to when professional carpet cleaning is required will always differ from one person to the next. If you ask the professionals however, it’s actually pretty easy to instantly determine whether or not a real deep-clean is required – tick any of the following boxes and it might be worth arranging a quotation:

1. Visible Dirt – First and foremost, if the carpets are in any way visibly dirty or grubby after being vacuumed, this pretty clearly illustrates the fact that vacuuming just isn’t doing the job. If there’s visible dirt and ground-in grime that simply won’t shift, you have to assume your carpets are harbouring more nasties than you’d probably like to have around the workplace.

2. Stubborn Stains – You may have given up a long time ago on the idea of ever getting those incredibly stubborn stains out, but chances are the job would be an absolute cakewalk for the professionals. It often takes nothing more than a few stains here and there to really dilute the appeal of an otherwise pristine carpet, which is a shame given how simple and affordable it may be to remove them. So if stains are cramping your style, give the professionals a call.

3. A Long Time Coming – Ask yourself – when exactly was the last time you arranged for your carpets to be professionally cleaned by those with the equipment, experience and skills required to get the job done properly? If the answer is anything more than a year, your carpets are well overdue professional attention. And if you genuinely cannot remember when the carpets were last clean professionally, once again – LONG overdue.

4. Odd Smells – It’s one thing to continue addressing strange or unpleasant smells in carpets with standard carpet fresheners and powders, but really you are doing little more than hiding and ignoring what could be a rather unpleasant problem. Unusual smells only emerge when there’s something not quite right – build-up of dirt, vast armies of bacteria and so on and so forth. Suffice to say, whatever it is that’s causing it really isn’t going to go away if you simply keep bombarding it with air fresheners. Instead, it makes so much more sense to arrange a professional cleaning job which will in almost every instance eliminate the problem in an instant.

5. Mildew – Last but not least, while it is of course important to address why it is appearing in the first place, any signs of mould and mildew should prompt a professional cleaning process. The reason being that these are exactly the kinds of problems which can quickly spiral out of control and become genuinely nightmarish, if not acknowledged and addressed at the earliest possible juncture.

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