Removing Chewing Gum From Office Carpets

The fact that embedded chewing gum in carpets is so comprehensively disgusting means you are probably never going to find a person willing to admit they did it. Somebody threw the horrid stuff down there, but the likelihood of ever finding out who is near zero…which can be very frustrating.

Instead therefore, it’s a case of biting the bullet and learning exactly how to get embedded gum out of your office carpets, in order to avoid them becoming unsightly and unhygienic. Opting for professional cleaning services in Manchester is always an option, but at the same time it may be possible to get the job done with a little DIY.

So fresh from the ranks of those who specialise in total office cleaning in Stockport, here’s a quick rundown of two highly effective ways of getting gum out of your carpets:

Method One – Freeze It

The first method (which is usually the most effective) involves freezing the gum, in order to harden it before peeling it away. It’s a pretty easy process and often gets the job done. First of all, take an ice pack or a bunch of ice cubes and place them inside a plastic bag. This should then be laid on top of the offending gum and left in place for a few minutes. You’ll need to give it as long as necessary until the gum is well and truly frozen solid, as opposed to just being rather cold.

And please note, this particular method is suitable only for gum that hasn’t yet been trodden deeply into the carpet!

Once the gum is completely frozen, take a spatula, a blunt knife or anything else of a similar specification and begin gently lifting it from one side. Scrape it gently across the carpet and slowly but surely pull the gum away, being careful not to damage the carpet as you do so. You may find that some bits and pieces are left behind, which you can then attack with a second attempt at freezing them.

When finished, use a small amount of warm soapy water on a sponge or rag to give the area a quick wipe.

Method Two – Heat it

The second method which also has the potential to be extremely effective takes the exact opposite approach. Instead of using ice cubes or an ice pack to freeze the gum, you instead use a hair dryer to heat it up.

Specifically, the method involves taking a hair dryer and applying heat to the gum for as long as necessary to soften it. Of course, you will need to exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging your carpet in the process! As the gum heats up and becomes soft, you should then be able to lift it away using a plastic bag or cleaning rag, which the soft gum will stick to. Take your time and remove the gum gradually, heating further as and when required.

And of course, always be sure to test this particular method on a small, isolated area of the carpet first, in order to ensure that the hair dryer will not cause any severe damage!

If in any doubt, get in touch with us for more information, or to arrange professional cleaning/removal.

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