Your Essential Office Spring Cleaning Checklist – Get an Early Start

While we may technically still be right in the very depths of winter, this is nonetheless the ideal juncture to begin thinking about office spring cleaning.

The winter months generally tend to bring with them every excuse in the world not to bother with deep cleaning, or even making any real efforts to keep the office clean at all. And the longer you leave it, the bigger the problem you’ll eventually have to tackle.

Professional cleaning services in Manchester or regular office cleaning in Stockport are of course always available, but at the same time it’s the little DIY bits and pieces you do yourself that add up to the biggest difference.

So in the interests of those looking to get an early start this year and bring their offices up to speed, here’s a quick spring cleaning checklist you might want to get started on right now:

Computers and workstations:

  • Give computers and keyboards a good clean using compressed air or approved products.
  • Pay close attention to peripherals like computer mice, keyboards and other accessories, wiping them down thoroughly with disinfectant wipes.
  • Use approved cleaning products to give your computer monitors a good clean.
  • Untangle, dust and arrange all cables leading to and from workstations.

Virtual Cleaning:

  • Take the time to back up any essential computer files that have not yet been transferred to external devices.
  • Go through all files and folders to clear out or permanently delete anything that is no longer needed.
  • Check for programs that are no longer used and uninstall any found.
  • Ensure that all current software in use is running the latest versions.
  • Carry out virus scans and checks for spyware if necessary.
  • Clear and arrange your desktop.

General Cleaning:

  • Give the entire room a complete and thorough dusting from top to bottom.
  • Pay close attention to window dressings like venetian blinds that can attract a lot of dust.
  • Take rugs and mats outside to give them a thorough beating and clean.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to pull the excess dust and dirt from ducts, air vents and so on.
  • Clean around all lighting fixtures and air conditioning units.
  • Consider having your carpets professionally cleaned, along with your upholstery.
  • Where possible, give all of the office windows an extensive clean and polish both inside and out.
  • Carry out a full check of your current cleaning inventory to ensure the workforce has everything required to keep the place clean.


  • Give every surface of the desk including its undersides and legs a full antibacterial clean.
  • Purge desks of all broken and unused stationary that simply takes up space.
  • Get rid of any documents that are in any way unnecessary.
  • Write a list of office supplies required.


  • Go through all inboxes and delete every e-mail no longer required.
  • Archive and organise important emails.
  • Cancel any e-mail subscriptions you no longer need.
  • Take the time to write any emails you have been putting off.

It may sound like a long list of responsibilities, but you’d be surprised how quickly things begin to take shape and you’ll be absolutely delighted with the results!

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