Essential Considerations When Selecting an Office Cleaning Company

You’d be forgiven for thinking that every office cleaning company up and running right now was essentially offering exactly the same services. But no, in fact it’s actually quite to the contrary as when it comes to competence, experience, specialism and the quality of the service provided, the difference between competing brands really can be night and day.

Which is why it is of the utmost importance to bear a few essential considerations in mind, before going ahead and choosing whom to work with. The following five tips can help ensure you make the right choice for the benefit of your business and its workforce:

1 – First of all, it is important to think about your needs and expectations which should be put down and communicated in writing. What you are basically looking to do is to create an office cleaning checklist for the cleaning company to work with, as opposed to simply leaving it to them to decide what does and does not warrant their attention. You cannot expect a cleaning company to live up to your expectations if you do not first communicate clearly exactly what your expectations are.

2 – Try to remember that accurate quotations and generally being able to propose a service package only become possible when the cleaning company in question has made an actual visit to your establishment. It’s one thing to tell them about the place and let them know what you expect from them – it’s something else entirely for them to carry out their own research and reconnaissance. Always suggest that site visitations are carried out in advance.

3 – For your own convenience and to ensure consistency of quality, it is a good idea to work with cleaning companies that have their own dedicated cleaning teams that work for them on a permanent basis. There are plenty of cleaning companies up and running today that outsource jobs and bring in temporary workers on a routine basis, as and when required. The problem being that in such instances, it is almost impossible to guarantee consistency of quality as you will be working with an entirely different cleaning team almost every time.

4 – Another important consideration is that of how the cleaning company in question handles dissatisfaction. If for example you find that you are not particularly happy with any element of the service offered on any given day, will they immediately assign one of their cleaners back to the job and ensure it is taking care of promptly? Satisfaction guarantees are always important when entering into these kinds of contracts.

5 – Last but not least, it is important to remember that there is a very big difference between claiming that you have full liability insurance and actually having sufficient insurance coverage. Chances are you will never come across a cleaning company that doesn’t claim to be fully insured, but it is not necessarily in your best interests to take what they have to say at face value. Instead, ask for proof of their insurance coverage and ensure that it is indeed sufficient for them to safely and responsibly work with your business.

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