Winning the War on Limescale Around the Office

Limescale – it might not be particularly hazardous to health, but it can nonetheless be a severe pain in the rear end. Whether it’s making your taps look old before their time, doing a number on your toilets or rendering your washing machine completely redundant…well, let’s just say a world without limescale wouldn’t be a bad thing!

Which begs the question – what’s the very best way of going about tackling limescale around the office? Assuming you’re intent on getting involved and playing a role in fighting the stuff, how do the experts recommend going about it?

1 – Don’t Let It Build Up

First of all, the key to staying in control of a limescale problem is to avoid allowing it to become a problem in the first place. Let’s face it – the stuff doesn’t just turn up out of nowhere. Quite to the contrary in fact, it slowly but surely builds up over time, giving you plenty of opportunity to nip it in the bud, before things get out of control.

2 – Avoid Intensive Scrubbing

Assuming the above ship has already sailed however, it’s a good idea to avoid the temptation to scrub at limescale with all your might. Whether it’s your sinks, your taps, your toilets or anything else, it is likely that you will really only end up damaging the surface by scrubbing at it too vigorously. Even if you do get rid of some of it, you’ll leave behind a fair bit of damage.

3 – Quality Products

The good news about limescale removal products these days is that a) some of them work an absolute treat and b) you can pick them up almost anywhere. Never make the fatal assumption that any standard cleaning product will do. Even if it does happen to be a supremely powerful cleaning product, it won’t make any difference at all if it wasn’t designed to tackle limescale. In fact, using the wrong product could quite easily make things worse.

4 – Let it Soak

There’s a good deal of patience involved when it comes to giving your chosen limescale removal products as much time as they need to start getting to work. The more you lather on and the longer you give it, the better the results you can expect when the time comes to wipe or rinse it away.

5 – Prevent its Return

Try to remember that there is one supremely effective approach for ensuring limescale isn’t allowed to return – getting into the habit of keeping your sinks, taps and so on as dry as possible. Of course it’s not always as easy as this in working environments, but issuing reminders for folk to wipe down the sinks and taps when they’re done with them can’t hurt!

6 – Call In the Pros

Last but not least, if you find yourself facing a limescale problem you cannot (or cannot be bothered to) tackle alone, it’s worth giving thought to calling in the professionals. Armed with the industry’s most advanced products and plenty of experience in grime-busting, there’s no easier way of restoring your taps, sinks, toilets and more to a real showroom shine.

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