Hidden Germs and Bacteria: The Office Areas You’re Probably Neglecting

It’s not that office cleanliness goes overlooked, but it’s more a case of certain quite important duties being somewhat put on the back-burner. While most large businesses these days have their own cleaning contractors to come in and get the job done on their behalf, others opt for the DIY alternative. Which can certainly work, but rarely tends to be quite as comprehensive as allowing the professionals to do what they do best.

So in the interests of those who take care of their own office cleaning duties, here’s a quick rundown of a few areas that could almost certainly do with enhanced efforts and attention:

1 – Keyboard & Mouse

Given the fact that your hands are not clean for literally every minute of every working day, it stands to reason that you are constantly wiping germs and bacteria all over your keyboard and mouse. Which is why it never fails to surprise how routinely office desks and surfaces are wiped down, with perhaps the more germ-ridden areas being completely overlooked. This is of course an even bigger problem where computers are shared and as for the kind of nastiness that finds its way onto shared office phones…well, let’s just say you might want to break out the antibacterial wipes right now!

2 – Stationary

Ask yourself honestly – when did you last wipe down the stationary you use, day after day? From pens to pencils to rulers to staplers and so on, have you ever in fact given them a proper clean? If the answer is no, you might well be looking at some of the filthiest things germ and bacteria- wise in the whole of the office. And if you’re the type to habitually nibble away at the ends of pens of pencil…you can probably figure out the rest!

3 – Your Devices

If you bring your own personal smartphone or Tablet PC to the office for any given reason, the same question applies – when did you last give it a good clean? Without getting too graphic, it’s almost unheard of these days for people not to take their phones with them when they go to the bathroom – at home and at work alike. But in such instances, is the phone given the same thorough wash as the person’s hands? Of course not, it’s instead allowed to keep hold of its huge contingency of bacteria and germs. So next time a colleague hands you their mobile device for any given reason, you might want to think carefully about where it has been.

4 – Handles and Switches

Last but not least, research has shown that some of the filthiest features in any modern office are its lights witches and door/cupboard/drawer handles. These are the kinds of things folks don’t think twice about touching with entirely unclean and unsanitary hands – the build-up over time can be stomach-turning to say the least.

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