Office Kitchen Cleaning Tips

If it’s true to say that the communal kitchen in your work place tends to be a subject of abject chaos and controversy…well, let’s just say you are far from in the minority! In fact, it is pretty much standard to find that shared workplace kitchens are not only the source of a great many disputes, but spend quite a lot of time in the kind of condition that is anything but inspiring.

Still, the good news is that with a little proactivity and delegation, it is perfectly possible to quell the chaos of the workplace kitchen. So rather than despairing day after day at the state of the place, see if the following five tips help make things at least a little more bearable:

1 – Share the Responsibilities

First of all, perhaps the single best way of ensuring that every job gets done in the kitchen is to assign specific jobs to specific people. This can be done on a permanent or rotational basis, but in all instances ensures that the required tasks are completed. And if they are not completed, you know exactly who to go to for an explanation. When the most important jobs are distributed evenly and fairly, keeping the workplace kitchen clean can actually be a walk in the park.

2 – Keep Things Minimal

Another enormously helpful tip is that of keeping things in the kitchen as minimal as possible. The simple fact of the matter is that the less stuff there is in there, the less opportunity there is to make a mess of the place. Think large open surfaces and as little clutter as possible, in order to make cleaning the place as easy as giving it a quick wipe. Only provide the appliances and conveniences that are absolutely necessary.

3 – BYO Policy

The secret to ensuring that every employee washes and dries their dishes after use? It couldn’t be easier – make them bring their own! When the crockery and cutlery in an office kitchen is provided by the business and shared between the workforce, it is inevitable that quite a few lazy individuals will not bother fulfilling their clear obligation to clean and dry them properly for the benefit of the next person. By contrast, if they are required to bring their own crockery and cutlery from home, it is pretty much guaranteed that they will look after it better.

4 – Focus On the Fridge

A recent study found that the average workplace kitchen fridge can harbour significantly more bacteria and nasties than the average workplace shared toilet. So many cases of food poisoning each and every year are attributed to unsanitary food storage practices – those in the workplace often leaving much to be desired. When the time comes to distribute and delegate responsibilities, ensure that somebody you can trust to do a good job is put in charge of the fridge.

5 – Assign a Supervisor

Last but not least, you could always think about assigning one or more members of the workforce as supervisors of kitchen cleanliness and the jobs that need doing. Rather than leaving it to senior management or the owners of the business to come down on the workforce like a ton of bricks, try instead giving one or two responsible individuals the authority to give their fellow employees gentle nudge in the right direction, if and when required.

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