Preparing For the Big Office Spring Clean – Essential Survival Tips

Everyone loves the feeling of completing a thorough spring clean. But at the same time, actually going about the job in the first place has a tendency to fill most with dread. This is just as true around the office as it is the home, with things having built up for months on end to find themselves in quite a state.

Still, it’s a job that needs doing and so is one that’s worth approaching proactively. Not only this, but with a few tips from the experts, you might just find the whole thing much less painful to approach than you may have thought.

1 – Don’t Panic

For example, the first and most important tip is to neither panic nor fall into a pit of despair. Yes, it’s a mess, yes, there’s a lot to be done and no, it isn’t going to do itself. But the simple fact of the matter is that to fall into a state of blind panic is to inherently go about the job the wrong way. Take a step back, accept it for what it is and at least try to approach it positively!

2 – Make a Plan

Once you have accepted your lot, the next step is to come up with a plan of attack. And this doesn’t just mean choosing a day and a room to start with it – it means making a list of the jobs than need doing and putting them into some kind of sensible order. Think of the whole job from start to finish and ensure that you sequence what you need to do in a manner that makes sense.

3 – Set a Schedule

Not having a schedule in place means having the freedom to chip in and out of things as and when you want. The only problem being, you’ll chip out more than you chip in. For you and anyone else taking part, it’s important to map out a schedule and then be sure to stick to it like glue.

4 – Delegate Duties

If you will have members of the workforce help you out, it is much more effective to delegate duties to each individual than to allow it to turn into something of a free-for-all. This means being fair and focusing on what you know each person will get done well, but don’t be afraid to take charge and be assertive where necessary.

5 – Assign Rewards

A job well done is a job that deserves a reward – something that applies to both you yourself and those helping you out. The simple fact of the matter is that if you create a rewards system of some sort ahead of time, everyone involved in the cleaning effort will inherently be better- motivated to get the job done.

6 – Start Prepping Now!

Last but not least, even if you don’t plan on starting the deep clean for a few days or week, you should start with the prep work now. Think of it this way – anything you manage to give a good clean now…desks, fridges, microwaves, toilets etc.…is something you won’t have to worry about when the time comes. If you can get into the habit of cleaning as you go, your job will be made infinitely easier, as will everyone else’s!

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