Office Cleaning Programs – Three Steps To Success

On the surface, keeping the office clean, tidy and hygienic sounds like a pretty easy job. In reality however, it rarely is. The reason being that with so many duties to attend to and individuals to involve, it can be tricky to even know where to start.

Which is precisely why it is highly recommended that a comprehensive cleaning program be introduced – participation by all being somewhat mandatory. But in terms of actually creating the ideal program in accordance with the needs of your business setting, how best to go about it?

There are essentially only three simple steps to success, which are as follows:

Step 1: Analyse Your Needs

First of all, it is of crucial importance to take a step back from things and to take a look at the workplace in general from a completely objective perspective. Think about the things that you would look for if it was a third party workplace and you have been brought in to assess cleanlinessand hygiene standards.

What must be taken into account during this analysis is which areas are likely to accumulate the most dirt, areas of high traffic, areas most likely to go overlooked and areas that may require professional assistance. Start from the outside and take a walk through each area of the building, in order to produce a comprehensive list of absolutely everything that demands attention and which duties take priority.

Step 2: Talk to the Workforce

After this, it’s a case of speaking to each member of the workforce in order to gain access to their own thoughts, opinions and ideas. If it is your intention that each member of the workforce participates in some way, you can ask which duties they would prefer to tend to, rather than delegating.

It is often difficult to gain a broad perspective on overall cleanliness and hygiene standards without consulting with other staff members. What’s more, involving employees in the process from the earliest possible stage can also help make them feel valued, in turn improving motivation and enthusiasm. Even if it’s something as simple as putting employees in charge of the area immediately around their own desk, sharing the workload is really the only way of getting the job done.

Step 3: Speak to the Professionals

Last but not least, once you have armed yourself with a comprehensive list of cleaning requirements and an array of suggestions from the workforce, you might want to consider speaking to the professionals. From advice on the equipment you’ll be needing to essential health and safety tips and right through to hiring professional cleaning crews, it’s always worth gaining input from the experts.

In many instances, it may turn out to be considerably simpler and more cost-effective to have a professional cleaning service take care of most essential duties on your behalf. When compared to the costs of stocking up on the essential equipment and consumables you’ll be needing, there’s every chance you could actually save money by working with the professionals.

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