Five Reasons to Use Entrance Mats at Every Door

Let’s face it – keeping the office clean and tidy would be much easier if you could ask visitors and employees to take off their shoes at the door. But you can’t, which is precisely why it never seems to be long before your once-immaculate floors look quite the opposite.

An inevitable part of running a busy office? Perhaps in some ways, but there are ways and means by which you can give your floors a fighting chance, without having to resort to drastic or expensive measures. In fact, you might be surprised just how significant the difference can be by simply using high quality entrance mats at every door.

Not convinced? Here’s a quick rundown of just five reasons why using entrance mats could be a good idea for your business:

1 – Reduced Dust and Mud

First and foremost, entrance mats may not be able to comprehensively prevent all dust and mud from entering the work place, but they can certainly bring about a marked reduction. Not only do entrance mats in their own right do a good job reducing dirt and dust, but they also encourage those entering the building to wipe their feet. Without an entrance mat, they’ll simply end up wiping them elsewhere.

2 – Easy To Clean

It’s also worth remembering that no matter what type of entrance mat you decide to use, it is guaranteed to be significantly easier to clean and look after than the rest of your carpets. Chances are that it won’t be long before your entrance mats are looking rather worse for wear – precisely why they are manufactured in a manner that makes them easy to clean. And once again, the bigger the contribution your entrance mats make, the cleaner the rest of your floor will remain.

3 – Antibacterial Properties

There are even certain entrance mats available these days that can be infused with microbe-killing agents, which can in turn help keep bacteria and germs under control. Most entrance mats will do a good job with visible dirt and dust, but you might also want to consider those that work at a much deeper, protective level.

4 – Slips And Trips

In terms of health and safety, high quality entrance mats can be extremely useful in helping to prevent slips and trips. The entrances to your building are inherently the areas where the floors are more likely to become wet, muddy and generally quite hazardous to health. Entrance mats are generally produced specifically in a manner that guarantees excellent traction at all times, thus reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls.

5 – Carpet Preservation

Last but not least, one enormous benefit of the humble entrance mat is the way in which it plays a direct role in preserving and looking after your carpets, not to mention whatever other flooring you have around the office. The more dirt, debris and moisture your mats remove when people enter the building, the less damage done to your carpets. And of course, the protection an entrance mat provides for the floor directly beneath it is self-explanatory.

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