6 House Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Here’s a question – how is that professional cleaners seem to be able to get the job done both faster and better than anyone else? No matter how long you spend cleaning your home, it rarely comes out as anything other than pretty clean and tidy – rarely up to a professional standard. And if you decide to really go for it with an intensive clean, you find yourself spending days on the job.

Is there some kind of trade secret that allows the pros to get the job done so flawlessly? There is…in fact there are several of them!

Know Your Products

First of all, the pros get the job done better and with ease because they always have the right tools for the job. As such, the first step is to think about exactly what you intend to clean, in order to then make sure you have the very best products for the job. All-in-one cleaning products might save you money, but you can’t expect the same kinds of results as you’d get from those made for one specific purpose.

Formulate a Strategy

Next up, when professional cleaners go about any kind of a cleaning job, they do so in accordance with an informed and educated strategy – every time. Or in other words, they never just dive into things randomly and make it up as they go along. They plan their attack, they stick to their plan and they use the same strategy every time they repeat the job.

One Room At a Time

Another of the ‘golden rules’ most professional cleaners follow is that of only ever focusing on one room at a time. Despite the fact that it can often feel as if doing so is slowing you down, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the job done quicker and more effectively.

Work from Back to Front

Just as is the case when painting a room, it makes sense to start cleaning at the furthest possible point and gradually make your way back to the front. This way, you won’t find yourself walking all over the bits of the room you’ve already cleaned and undoing your hard work.

Stay Focused

If you really intend to get the job done properly, it’s important to ensure that you focus your full time and attention on it from start to finish. Professional cleaners produce incredible results because they don’t start, stop, start again, stop again and so on. Instead, they start, they clean, they finish the job they started.

Avoid Multitasking

Last but not least, it’s difficult to avoid falling into the trap of multitasking when cleaning your home, but you must! Chances are you’ll try to throw at least a couple of extra jobs into the equation – laundry, cupboard clear-outs, phone calls, work-related matters and so on. But just like the point raised above, you can’t expect the kinds of results you’d produce if you remained focused and committed – just like the pros!

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