The Hidden Costs of In-House Cleaning

For quite a number of business owners, the idea of bringing in the professionals to take care of cleaning doesn’t make a great deal of sense.  Why? Well, quite simply because they believe that as it is technically possible to get the job done in-house, it doesn’t really make any sense to pay outsiders to do it for them.

Which on the surface appears to make good business sense. After all, they do say that every penny saved is as good as a penny earned.  Nevertheless, it also represents an example of false economy at its finest.  The reason being that while professional cleaning services are rarely offered free of charge, it’s really not as if the in-house option comes without its own costs either.

Consider the following hidden costs of in-house cleaning, in order to determine which approach would be best for your business:

1 – Training and Development

First of all, it isn’t quite as easy as simply assigning duties to your existing staff members and having them get to work. In order for workplace cleaning to be carried out in a way that is both effective and safe, it is necessary to provide the relevant training and coaching. Staff members will need to be trained on how to use the various hardware and products they will come into contact with, along with each and every essential health and safety regulation, in accordance with UK law.

2 – Products and Equipment

Speaking of which, it’s also not as if all the equipment and supplies you are going to need are given away cost-free. Quite to the contrary in fact, as if you wish to produce the same kinds of results you would expect from a professional cleaning crew, you are going to have to fork out quite a lot of money for professional grade equipment. From floor buffers to vacuums to the various chemicals and cleaning products you’ll be buying on a regular basis, chances are you might be surprised just how quickly these costs add up.

3 – Supervision

It may also be necessary for supervisors or those in managerial positions to watch over and check the quality of the cleaning duties performed by the team selected. When working with external providers, you will usually be offered comprehensive guarantees of flawless results every time. Suffice to say, when it comes to entrusting those who for whatever the reason may not particularly enjoy their cleaning duties, it’s much harder to have peace of mind in the results they produce.

4 – Motivation

Last but not least, while it may be entirely possible to distribute cleaning duties to those already working for the business, doing so has the potential to have a negative impact on morale. The reason being that not only is this most likely the job they were not hired to do, but it could well be a job that they fundamentally despise. Which in turn means that not only will they probably produce inferior results, but you may find it affects the rest of the work they do at the same time.

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