Is Your Office Cleaning Service Letting You Down?

Given the fact that recruiting an office cleaning service can be a time-consuming process, it isn’t the kind of thing you’d ideally like to go about more than once. However, it is important to acknowledge the fact that if and when you pick up on any signs that you are being let down, it may be in your best interests to think about switching service providers.

The simple fact of the matter is that with such an extraordinary array of service providers in business, there really is nothing to gain in settling for second best.  So with this in mind, what follows is a brief introduction to just a few of the warning signs to be on the lookout for, which may suggest that your cleaning company is doing you a disservice:

Unsatisfactory Results

First of all, and not to mention most obviously of all, unsatisfactory results must not be tolerated. The simple fact of the matter is that you have hired a cleaning company to do a job and to do the job properly. Which in turn means that if you are allowing them to get away with substandard performance, you are throwing good money away for no reason at all. Raise quality issues the moment they are detected, allow ample opportunity for corrections to be made and make your decision accordingly.

Lack of Reliability

Another sign that you could be better off elsewhere is when you find yourself working with a cleaning company that isn’t exactly the most reliable. It could be that they cancel arrangements on a regular basis, their employees are frequently late or they simply do not fulfil their obligations on the job. If you cannot rely on the cleaning service you are working with, you are once again needlessly wasting money.

Constantly Changing Cleaners

The very best cleaning services are those that manage their own in-house cleaning teams. By contrast, those who constantly outsource jobs and bring in new temps all the time cannot guarantee consistently high-quality results to the same extent. Which means that if you constantly seem to be seeing different cleaners arriving at your premises, you may be working with a cleaning company that fits into the latter bracket.

Clean Only Where Seen

One quick and easy way of determining whether or not your current cleaning company is committed to high quality results is to see exactly how well they get the job done in out-of-sight areas. They did a great job in the areas of your office that are clearly visible, but what about behind the scenes? Take a look at how things have been handled beyond the most visible areas and you might just learn something interesting about your cleaning company.

Poor Attitudes

Last but not least, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for any employees of any cleaning company to be anything other than a beacon of professionalism and respect. While they are on your premises, they are to some extent representing your own business as well as the company they work for. From poor attitudes to poor grooming to a simple lack of professionalism, if you continue to work with substandard service providers, you are only doing yourself and your business a disservice.

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