Freshening the Office Air Without Resorting to Chemicals

If you were to ask the majority of responsible and proactive business owners, they’d probably tell you that they’d prefer to minimise the use of chemicals around the office. Which of course counts double in the case of chemicals the workforce might end up breathing in – not the kind of thing that bodes well for the workers themselves or the company.

Of course, most office cleaning products these days are designed to be as safe as possible and are really no cause for concern. But at the same time, the fight to make workplaces as green and indeed pleasant is intensifying all the time.

So when it comes to keeping the air itself fresh and fragrant, how can this be gone about without resorting to chemicals?

Natural Fragrances

Well, the first and most obvious option is of course to step away from synthetic cleaning products and check out the natural alternatives on offer. These days, not only are there some quite remarkable natural air freshening products on the market, but they almost always smell exponentially better than their chemical counterparts. They may command a slightly higher price, but when you consider what you’re getting out of the deal, it’s excellent value for money. All-natural scented candles in particular come highly recommended.

Air Circulation

One of the primary causes of unpleasant smelling air around the office or workplace is the simple fact that it isn’t moving. The longer the air in any location is given to hang around, the staler and less fresh it ultimately becomes. As for getting around the problem, it could be as easy as simply investing in a few desk fans or oscillating floor fans around the office, in order to keep the air moving. This, coupled with keeping windows and doors open where possible can make a huge difference.


If it is a realistic avenue to explore, it’s definitely worth considering going as natural as natural gets. Positioning flowers around the office and refreshing them on a regular basis will not only have an impact on air freshness, but also the very quality of the air itself. Not only this, but research has shown time and time again that in workplaces with fresh flowers and plantlife, employee morale and productivity alike tend to take a significant leap in the right direction. So even though it’s true to say that flowers may represent an on-going cost, you may just find it repaid in the benefits they bring your workplace.

Filters and Pipework

Last but not least, if you use any kind of air conditioning or heating in your building, you cannot expect the place to smell fresh if the filters and the pipes themselves are in a poor state of repair. Exactly how often you should clean your filters and pipes will vary in accordance with the specifics of your building and what you do. But unless you ensure they are kept cleaned, maintained and in the best possible condition at all times, they are guaranteed to have a serious and detrimental effect on air freshness and quality.

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