Workplace Laundry – Cutting Cleaning Costs

Over time, the costs associated with workplace laundry can add up to a huge headache. For thousands of businesses, taking care of laundry in- house represents a far easier and more cost-effective approach than outsourcing. But at the same time, it also represents a rather hefty on- going expense to cover, not to mention a sizeable investment of time and effort.

Nevertheless, there are various ways and means by which workplace laundry costs can be brought under control…or at least reduced slightly. Most of it comes down to simple common sense, but by adjusting the way you do things in accordance with the following tips from your local Stockport Cleaners, you might just find yourself spending considerably less on keeping things clean and fresh:

Cooling Off

Contrary to popular belief, cold water (or at least cooler water) will usually do a perfectly good job in all instances, other than where heavy dirt and grime may present a problem. For average, everyday washing purposes, running a cycle using cold water will provide you with results just as high-quality as those of hot water. And given the fact that about 90% of the energy a washing machine uses goes on heating the water, this adds up to a serious saving over time. Even by simply switching down 10 or 20 degrees, you’ll make a big difference.

Full Loads Only

You might think half loads cost half as much to wash, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, the amount of water and energy required to process a half load is so negligible in terms of difference to a full load that you could be wasting far more than you know. Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to get out of the habit of doing any partial loads at all.

Keep ‘em Separated

If you are using a tumble dryer…or any number thereof…separating your loads carefully is an absolute must. The reason being that certain items and fabrics take way longer to dry then others, so mixing them all up in the dryer is wholly counterproductive. For example, when towels or jeans go in with blouses, the blouses dry exponentially faster than the jeans/towels, after which they do nothing but slow the drying time of everything else. Suffice to say, tumble dryers are not the cheapest machines to run.

Clean Filters

This applies to both washing machines and dryers alike, if there are serviceable filters you can (and should) access yourself, you need to make sure they are kept as clean as possible at all times. The dirtier the filters, the harder the machine has to work to get the job done and the more every single load will cost you.


Last but not least, if you’re still using the same machines you had up and running in 1975, the biggest savings may come in upgrading. These days, washers and dryers alike use a fraction of the energy they used to, while at the same time handling bigger loads and delivering superior results. So even though you might have to fork out a fair bit for the purchase itself, you’ll benefit enormously from time and cost savings with every load you wash going forwards.

For more expert cleaning advice, or to see what our Stockport cleaners can do for you, contact a member of the Absolutely Gleaming team today.

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