Five Tips to Keep Your Office Clean of Bacteria During Winter

It’s a subject we’ve covered before, but is nonetheless of particular importance at this time of year. We are, of course, talking about those winter germs, bugs and bothersome illnesses that plague offices up and down the country. You know how it goes – one person brings a bout of the sniffles to the office, which soon enough results in half the workforce taking time off sick.

The solution? Well, the answer lies in a proactive approach to preventing the spread of these nasties in the first place. It’s a group effort that involves every member of the workforce across the board, though for the most part comes down to little more than common sense.

Wash Your Hands…A Lot!

For example, research has shown that clean hands are by a wide margin the most important contributor of all to a virus and bug-free winter. Unfortunately, research also shows that most of us don’t wash our hands nearly as often as we know we should. Not only this, but we lie about it too. Not washing your hands on a regular basis throughout the day puts yourself and everyone around you at risk…it’s as simple as that.

Invest In Hand Sanitiser

If you don’t already have hand sanitiser dispensers set up around the office, it’s about time you changed this. Washing hands is all well and good, but doesn’t do nearly the same job of killing germs and bacteria as using hand sanitiser. Truth is, you really shouldn’t be doing one without the other, if you want to stand the best possible chance of reaching the spring without getting sick.

Disinfect Your Keyboard

If you could actually see how much horrific nastiness was on your keyboard…well, chances are you’d never use the thing again! When it comes to winter bugs and bacteria, ignorance most certainly is not bliss. Ignore it all you like, but it’s there right in front of you and will ruin your day/week/month given half the chance. So instead of giving it a chance, invest in a pack of antibacterial wipes and get busy with your keyboard. Not to mention, everything else that happens to be on your desk.

Get Smart With Your Phone

Likewise, think about how many times in the last month you’ve used your smartphone…along with how many times you’ve cleaned the thing. Ever taken it to the bathroom with you? Used it after sneezing or coughing into your hands? Let someone else touch it who may have just been to the bathroom and not washed their hands? Long story short, smartphones and mobile devices are revolting and can make you sick. Take those anti-bacterial wipes and put them to use, for your own good.

Stay Home

Last but not least, if you do find yourself struck down by a bout of the sniffles or something worse, don’t go being overly generous and bringing them to the office to share around the place. Taking time off when it’s not necessary is a no-no, but worse still is coming into the office when you’ve got something that’s massively contagious. They might be mad at you for skipping work, but not as mad as they’ll be if you turn up and make them ill!

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