The 10 Most Common Office Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Still taking care of office cleaning requirements in house? If so, here’s a quick rundown of 10 surprisingly common mistakes there’s a good chance you might be making:

  1. Not reading the instructions in full. The vast majority of accidents, injuries and problems in general that occur in relation to office cleaning products are a direct result of instructions not being read properly.  What’s more, not reading the instructions in full means never getting the best out of the products you use.
  2. Failing to use gloves. Even if the harm and damage doesn’t show through immediately, you can rest assured it will in time. Absolutely every cleaning job across the board should be gone about wearing appropriate gloves, or not gone about at all.
  3. Cleaning windows in direct sunlight. The very best time to wash windows is when it is cool, cloudy or perhaps even dark. The brighter and warmer it is, the faster your chosen glass cleaner will dry and the more likely it is you will be left with unsightly streaks.
  4. Using one tool for all purposes. When it comes to sponges, brushes, cleaning cloths and so on, every cleaning ‘tool’ has both its purpose and its limitations. If you are using a single tool for every job across the board, you are not getting the job done properly.
  5. Using one cleaning product for all purposes. The same also goes for the cleaning products you use to take care of pretty much every cleaning job across the board. While there are certain sprays, creams, solutions and so on that are considered multipurpose, it’s critically important to ensure that you do not use the wrong cleaner on the wrong surface.
  6. Rushing the job. By hurrying things along to get the job done as quickly as possible, you guarantee yourself substandard results. The simple fact of the matter is that if you do not have the time or patience to spend getting the job done properly, you might want to think about hiring those who do!
  7. Spraying cleaning products directly onto surfaces. Contrary to popular belief, it is generally more advisable to spray cleaning products on to the cloths and rags you are using than the surfaces themselves. Not only will you use less, but you will also find this technique achieves a more effective clean.
  8. Overlooking hidden nasties. Some of the most unhygienic and unpleasant areas and items in the average office have a tendency to look pristine and therefore go overlooked. From doorknobs to cupboard handles to telephones to computer mice and so on, it’s often the hidden nasties you can’t see that pose the biggest threat of all.
  9. Not cleaning the toilet brush. The vast majority of people upon cleaning the toilet using the designated brush then take what’s a wet and filthy brush and place it right back in the holder. In order to prevent the whole thing becoming a horrific breeding ground for bacteria, the toilet brush should be both washed and allowed to dry before being placed back in the holder.
  10. Not emptying vacuums often enough. Last but not least, vacuum cleaners are not only unable to do their job properly when full or close to capacity, but they’re also far more likely to toss all manner of dust, dirt and debris back into the air. So rather than waiting for your vacuum cleaner to tell you it needs attention, be proactive and replace the bag when the current bag is no more than 75% full.

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