5 Odd But Effective Cleaning Hacks You’ll Love

The Internet these days is full of thousands of different cleaning tips and tricks, of which most are inevitably not what you’d call useful. That being said, every now and again you find yourself coming across a handful of exceptions to the rule, which do indeed seem to be every bit as effective as they are unusual.  Arm yourself with the right shortcuts and you may just find that a variety of everyday cleaning jobs suddenly become that little bit more manageable.

So to save you the trouble of searching far and wide for examples to work, here is a quick rundown of five odd but effective cleaning hacks that can be surprisingly useful:

1. Tumble Dryer Sheets for Skirting Boards

First of all, the anti-static properties of tumble dryer sheets can be put to use in more places than that tumble dryer alone. In particular, they can be great when it comes to dusting skirting boards around the home. Not only do they do a great job getting rid of dust in the first place, but they actually leave a charge behind which actively repels additional dust from settling in its place.

2. Air Freshener as Mirror and Window Cleaner

Now, this of course depends on the type of air freshener you use, but the vast majority of spray air fresheners can actually make surprisingly good glass cleaners. Should your own choice of air freshener prove to be capable in cleaning and shining your mirrors and windows, this not only means only having to keep one product to hand rather than two, but also guarantees you a home that smells simply superb.

3. Alka Seltzer for Glass Ornaments

This particular hack is most effective when used to clean glass vases, which having been used to house plants for some time are starting to look rather unfortunate to say the least. It’s simply a case of pouring sufficient water inside to fill the vase, after which you will need to add a couple of tablets of Alka Seltzer, or anything of a similar composition. It’s hard to believe, but your vase may well come out looking as good as new!

4. Rubber Gloves for Pet Hair

You might love your pets, but chances are the same cannot be said for the hair they leave all over your home. Nevertheless, there is a quick and easy way of getting rid of pet hair on furniture, involving no more than a pair of rubber gloves. Simply put the gloves on your hands, rub them over the offending items and the static electricity will lift the hair away like magic.

5. Use Water to Clean your Microwave

Last but not least, one of the easiest and most effective ways of giving the entire interior of your microwave a good clean while hardly having to lift a finger is to simply stick a bowl of water in there. Microwave it on the highest setting, let it blast steam all over the insides of your microwave and let it get to work for a minute or two. By the time it’s finished, the interior of your microwave might be rather wet, but give it a quick dry and it will also be cleaner than it has been in a long time!

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