The ‘Four Cs’ of a Quality Commercial Cleaning Company

Thanks primarily to the Internet, there has never been such an enormous contingency of professional cleaning companies in operation across the United Kingdom. The reason being that technically speaking, anyone with a website and a few basic cleaning supplies can now set up and begin operating as a cleaning company. This doesn’t mean that the services they provide will be competent, reliable or even safe, but this is nonetheless how simple it is to go into business these days.

All of which is precisely why we always advise our clients to take into account a few important considerations, when selecting a cleaning company to use. It might seem like there’s a lot to take into account, but for the most part it comes down to the ‘four Cs’ of quality commercial cleaning.

So if you have made the decision to select a new service provider for your own business, make sure they tick the following four boxes before going ahead:


The first of all, you need to ask yourself whether the company clearly has complete and total confidence in its abilities, or in any way comes across as an amateur hour operation. There are two ways of gauging this – the first being their overall attitude and professionalism. But even easier still, confidence in cleaning services offered can be quantified by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service offered.  If they are unwilling to offer these kinds of guarantees, this says all that needs to be said about their confidence.


When talking about communication, we are primarily referring to the communication of expectations, standards, the company’s ability to answer questions and so on. A professional cleaning company should never be your ‘silent partner’ that simply disappears into the background. Instead, they should be an active contributor to your business as a whole and be on-hand and available at all times to both answer questions and offer advice on areas for improvement.


Unsurprisingly, costs also represent an important consideration but should be considered intelligently at both ends of the spectrum. For example, there is absolutely no sense in overpaying for cleaning services that are in any way substandard. But at the same time, you cannot expect to hand over pennies and in turn be provided with the kinds of cleaning services that are simply unrivalled. Evaluating costs should be entirely about overall value for money – what you get out of the deal in comparison to what you put in.


Last but not least, the only cleaning services you should ever settle for are those that are comprehensively consistent without exception. It’s simply unacceptable for a cleaning company to offer superb performance one week, only to leave any number of jobs half done the next. This is often something that is determined by whether the cleaning company uses its own team of dedicated in-house cleaners, or simply hires third parties to help out, as and when required.

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