Is Your Office Crying Out For A Deep Clean?

Whether or not you currently use a professional office cleaning service is irrelevant. From time to time, every office and workspace needs a seriously deep clean. We’re talking the kinds of cleaning jobs that would be fundamentally impossible to carry out on a daily basis, given their intensity and the possible disruption they may cause. Nevertheless, they are also essential – even the best everyday cleaning services won’t always cover absolutely every possible cleaning job around the office.

In terms of knowing when the time comes to consider a deep clean, the best thing to do is ask yourself – when was a deep clean last carried out? If it is so long ago you cannot remember, this problem means you are overdue a refresh! Likewise, if you have any kind of special event, inspection or visits coming up involving influential/important individuals, don’t forget the extent to which your office will be scrutinised!

But assuming you already have a cleaning team that comes in on a daily or regular basis to get the place a polish, what is it that makes deep cleaning any different? Or to put it another way, what does a deep-cleaning service involve that may not already be covered in a standard everyday service package?

Well, the simple answer is that it comes entirely down to the specifics of your own unique package. The more your cleaning company covers, the better! But in most instances, you will find that a deep-cleaning service takes things significantly further to include the following:

  • Carpet steaming – Rather than simply a vacuum in the carpets, these kinds of intensive jobs may include steaming or shampooing the carpets around the office – including under equipment that is not normally moved.
  • Phone and keyboard sanitisation – Employees are usually requested to take care of this themselves, but often don’t. In any case, a periodic deep-clean will usually include phone and keyboard sanitisation.
  • Tile and floor steaming – While getting busy with the steamer, you can also arrange for tiles and floors around the office and its bathrooms to be steamed as well. This takes things way beyond a simple everyday wipe-down.
  • Kitchen de-greasing – If you have a kitchen around the office that sees plenty of use, it could be that de-greasing represents a pretty extensive job in its own right.  Nevertheless, it is an extremely important job for the purposes of not only keeping up appearances, but improving hygiene and reducing fire risks.
  • Window cleaning – Not just the usual wipe, but a more intensive cleaning service that may also include the exterior of the windows as well. Of course, this will depend on the specifics of your building and accessibility.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning – Last up, a deep clean of the office can also include a comprehensive and intensive scrub of every last inch of your kitchen and bathrooms. If you would like everything to look as good as new once again, you’d be surprised what can be accomplished with the right tools and plenty of effort!

For more information on our deep-cleaning packages or any of our services, get in touch with the Absolutely Gleaming customer service team today.

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