Simple Tips and Tricks to Make Dusting a Little Easier

Even those who aren’t particularly averse to the idea of domestic duties no doubt find dusting a bit of a joyless affair. Not least because you are fully aware of the fact that almost as soon as you’re done, it all needs doing again from scratch. A constant and unpleasant battle it may be, but nonetheless represents the very core of overall cleanliness at home and in the workplace alike.

On the plus side, there are various ways and means by which dusting can be made at least a little easier, if not entirely pleasant. Sourced from a wide variety of experts and their customers alike, what follows is a brief overview of just a few easy yet surprisingly effective tips and tricks to help make everyday dusting that little bit more bearable:

  1. First of all, there are certain brands of baby wipes – usually the premium ones – which can actually be put through the washing machine and reused as incredibly effective dust cloths. Of course, this only applies to baby wipes that have been very lightly used in the initial instance!
  2. Instead of constantly battling dust on your desk, be sure to every now and again give your keyboard, mouse and everything else positioned on it a good shake. You’d be surprised how much dust collects in these things, only to then constantly make its way out onto the surface.
  3. If you have any monitors or television screens around the office that are constantly attracting dust like magnets, reach for the fabric softener.  Simply apply a very small amount to the cloth you intended to use for dusting and this will eliminate the static cling that attracts and hold onto dust.
  4. You can also use diluted fabric softener to effectively clean a variety of other hard surfaces, not to mention shower doors, glass tables and so on.  Simply dilute your chosen product 1 part fabric softener to 4 parts water, clean the surface using a cloth and bring it to a gleaming polish with a second dry cloth.
  5. Tumble dryer softener sheets can be extremely effective for cleaning televisions, computers and anything else that is electrically charged and therefore constantly attracts dust. The same also goes for Venetian blinds, which you may find considerably easier to clean with tumble dryer fabric softener sheets than pretty much anything else at your disposal.
  6. For obvious reasons, always start at the top and work your way down in any room you intend to dust, in order to prevent any areas you have already cleaned once again becoming covered in the stuff.
  7. If there are any ceiling fans in use, one of the best ways of getting as much dust as possible off the blades without it ending up all over the room is to use a pillowcase. Simply slide it over the blade and pull it off once again to remove the dust and keep it trapped.
  8. Last but not least, be sure to acknowledge the fact that there is a big difference between removing dust and simply moving it from one place to another. Be sure to use appropriate products for damp-dusting and dust removal, rather than simply redistributing it all over the room with a dry cloth.

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