How to Make Vacuuming Less Stressful

Chances are they can’t be many people worldwide who genuinely get a kick out of vacuuming. Some find it mundane, while for others it’s the kind of frustrating, stressful experience they’ll do anything to avoid. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, vacuuming generally isn’t what you’d call a daily pleasure.

On the plus side, there are at least various ways and means by which it can be made a little easier. Or at least, less stressful. There’s no getting away from the importance of vacuuming, so it simply makes sense to make the process as painless as possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of just a few simple tips for making vacuuming at least a tiny bit less stressful:

1. Empty the bag

First of all, chances are you’ll find the whole process much easier and more satisfying with a clean, fresh bag. Or at least, a bag that isn’t already at bursting point. Contrary to popular belief, you’re actually supposed to replace vacuum cleaner bags when they are around 50% full. Any more and their suction power becomes greatly reduced, which in turn makes the entire vacuuming process considerably more difficult and time-consuming than it needs to be.

2. Go cordless

If it’s a realistic option, you should definitely consider upgrading to a cordless vacuum cleaner. Some of the best examples on the market these days not only mirror the performance of leading corded vacuums, but are also massively lighter in weight and easier to use. You’d be surprised just how much easier vacuuming becomes just as soon as you eliminate the cord from the equation.

3. Move larger objects

If there are any large objects or items of furniture around the room that are going to need to be moved, you might as well move them before you get started.  Rather than attacking everything in a somewhat random fashion, you might find it much easier to focus on one given room at a time. Move the large items into one area while you deal with the other, then switch things accordingly. It sounds like a simple tactic, but it really can make a big difference.

4. Pick up smaller items/debris

In addition, rather than stopping and starting every 30 seconds during the vacuuming process, it is instead far easier and more efficient to go around first of all and pick up any smaller items or debris you’d prefer not to go into the vacuum cleaner. This way, you can then tackle the area in question without having to worry about what gets sucked-up and what doesn’t.

5. Use the proper attachments

Last but not least, it’s probably fair to say that about 90% of people are guilty of purchasing vacuum cleaners with multiple attachments, only to then use just one single attachment for all purposes. The thing to remember is that these attachments are supplied for a reason – to make vacuuming more effective and as easy as possible. So if you’d prefer not to overcomplicate things unnecessarily, you might want to check out all those attachments you’ve never used and find out exactly what they’re for!

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