How Professional Office Cleaning Prices Are Calculated

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is that of exactly how professional office cleaning services come up with their prices. In addition, why it is that it’s rarely possible to offer a concrete quotation over the phone.

The reason…well, in fact there are several reasons, which we’ll be taking a look at now. If you’ve ever wondered how professional office cleaning prices are calculated, here’s an overview of just a few things that have to be taken into account:

Building Type

Some buildings feature the most incredible hardwood mouldings, stone floorings and various complicated accents and material combinations. By contrast, others feature nothing but budget carpeting, laminate flooring and plasterboard walls. Building type strongly influences the complexity of the cleaning process and therefore also professional cleaning costs.

Building Age

The same also goes for the age of the building, given the way in which the most modern office spaces out there will always have many different cleaning requirements than older buildings. All of which must be taken into account, when calculating professional cleaning costs.

Building Size

For obvious reasons, the size of the premises to be cleaned will have a marked impact on the overall costs of professional cleaning services. But at the same time, size and space must be considered accordingly with the previous two considerations, in order for an accurate quotation to be provided. A large yet incredibly simple office space may be less costly to clean than a smaller but vastly more intricate workspace.

Foot Traffic

In areas where foot traffic is comparatively light, the cleaning process is of course significantly faster and easier to complete. By contrast, heavy foot traffic can lead to the kind of dirt, grime and unhygienic conditions that demand much more extensive and intensive cleaning. As such, foot traffic is another element that needs to be taken into account when calculating costs.

Frequency of Service

The same also goes for exactly how often in any given week/month the areas in question need to be cleaned. For obvious reasons, cleaning services provided on a daily basis will amount to a larger bill than the same service carried out fortnightly. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that the more infrequent the cleaning service, the more intensive, complex and time-consuming the process will be with each visit.

Extent of Services Provided

It will be up to you and you alone to determine the extent to which professional cleaning services are provided. In some instances, you may simply wish for the floors and windows to be cleaned. In others, cleaning services may be extended to bathrooms, desks and perhaps even various external spaces. This information must be communicated and confirmed as precisely as possible, before accurate quotations can be made.

Length of Service

Last but not least, the vast majority of professional cleaning companies will always offer preferential rates to the clients they work with on a regular and long-term basis. Which is precisely why on-going cleaning services generally work out more cost-effective than one-off cleaning jobs, as and when required.

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