Hayfever Season: Office Allergy Advice

Once again, allergy season is well and truly making its mark on the United Kingdom. Contrary to popular belief, hayfever isn’t what you could call a rare condition. In fact, it is estimated that somewhere in the region of 40% of people across in Europe have some level of pollen allergy.

Which is precisely why it is important to ensure that you do your bit to keep office allergies under control. Whether you opt for professional office cleaning in Stockport or take care of things manually, allergy awareness matters. And is something that really needs to be stepped up in most offices nationwide.

Here’s a quick rundown of just a few helpful tips for helping keep office allergies under control:

1. Keep Windows Closed

First of all, chances are you have an air conditioning system installed in the workplace. In which case, you might want to implement a policy that prevents windows from being opened. The reason being that air conditioning systems have all manner of filters to keep allergens out. The same however cannot be said for windows, which let in all the allergens best kept outdoors. It can always be tempting to open the windows to let a little fresh air in, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, you may in fact end up doing more harm than good in doing so. Make this part of your on-going strategy for proactive office cleaning in Stockport.

2. Banish Fresh Flowers

For obvious reasons, fresh flowers should be both banished and banned from the workplace. Particularly in the summertime when allergy sufferers are most likely to be affected. Any kinds of flowers that could make things worse should be removed from the equation. That said, there are certain plants that are known to improve indoor air quality. If you go with office cleaning in Stockport, the team you work with may be able to advise you on this. If not, carry out a little research online and select your indoor plants strategically.

3. Have Your AC Checked

Don’t forget that thorough office cleaning in Stockport means going beyond what you can clearly see. Air conditioning systems are only effective for as long as their filters and general pipework remain in good condition. Left unattended, filters become largely redundant and the ducts fill with mould and mildew. Using an air conditioning system in poor condition could actually make things worse than they already are. This is the season during which you will probably be using your AC systems most of all. As such, now is also the time to ensure they are in good condition – both inside and out. For this, professional office cleaning in Stockport may be the only realistic way to go.

4. Keep It Clean

Simple cleanliness around the office can also play an important role in maintaining a comfortable environment during the allergy season. The cleaner and more hygienic the office is kept generally, the less likely those affected by allergies are to suffer. This is a good time of year to revisit your current cleaning standards and practices, perhaps overhauling things where necessary. Or if you’re still favouring the DIY option, consider professional office cleaning in Stockport. You’d be surprised how big of a difference it can make to bring in the pros – especially during allergy season.

5. Get Serious with Dust

There’s really nothing around the office that can make seasonal allergies worse than an excess of dust. The problem being that it’s often a constant fight to keep it under control. Professional office cleaning in Stockport can help, but you might also need to step up your own efforts. This is one of many office cleaning duties that must be tackled daily and thoroughly.

6. Take Care with Chemicals

Last but not least, try to remember that it’s not just about the allergens that come in from the outdoors. Chemical cleaning products, air fresheners and related items around the office have the potential to make allergies even worse.  So for the time being at least, you need to be proactive and mindful of your office cleaning in Stockport. Think very carefully about which kinds of products you do and do not use during your everyday cleaning and freshening duties.

For more information on expert office cleaning in Stockport, get in touch with Absolutely Gleaming today.

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