The Problems with DIY Office Cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning in Stockport, businesses have two basic options. They can either take care of things in-house, or hire a professional cleaning team to handle all necessary cleaning duties. As the former is typically regarded as cheaper, it tends to be the first and seemingly most obvious choice for the majority of businesses.

But while there’s nothing to say that DIY office cleaning cannot deliver decent results, it isn’t without its problems. Hiring the experts isn’t about unnecessary spending, but instead gaining access to various advantages and sidestepping the problems associated with DIY office cleaning.

A few examples of which include the following:

Less Focus on Priorities

First of all, focusing on basic everyday janitorial duties means having less time to focus on whatever it is your business does best. Whoever you allocate to the job (including yourself), you’re inherently diverting resources that could most likely be better deployed elsewhere. With a pro cleaning team on-board, you get to focus 100% of your efforts on what matters most.

Substandard Results

Achieving truly professional-quality results when cleaning the office takes experience, expertise and specialist know-how. It’s one thing to give the place a quick polish, but it’s something else to get the job done properly. Which generally doesn’t happen when tackling cleaning manually as something of a side issue.

Lack of Consistency

Consistency can also be an issue, as it’s more than likely you’ll frequently find yourself unable (or unwilling) to divert the necessary time and resources to key cleaning duties. When deemed necessary, you’ll approach cleaning as an afterthought to brush over at best, resulting in real inconsistencies in terms of cleanliness.

Staff Morale Issues

The vast majority of workforce members these days like to focus on whatever it is they were primarily taken on to do in the first place. As such, when any member or members of the team are then designated to everyday janitorial duties, it can have an effect on motivation and morale. By contrast, a meticulously clean office overseen by the professionals has been proven to have a positive effect on both motivation and morale.

Wasted Time

Even with all the effort in the world, your own in-house cleaning contingency is never going to get the job done nearly as quickly as the experts. What may be a daily 90-minute DIY cleaning job could take merely 30 or even 20 minutes with a team of professionals on-board. Which means less downtime, less disruption and less time wasted in general.

Wasted Money

Last but not least, it’s been proven time and time again that when factoring in all costs, DIY office cleaning can actually cost you more money long-term. The reason being that while you’ll need to stock up on all that’s needed, continually replenish stocks and foot the labour bill, the pros already have everything that’s needed to get the job done. So you simply pay the set rate for the time/services provided. And given that the job gets done so much quicker, you stand to save more than you think.

For more information on the benefits of professional office cleaning in Stockport, get in touch with the Absolutely Gleaming customer service team today.

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