Cutting the Cost of Office Cleaning in Stockport

Given the opportunity, it’s likely that any business would choose to reduce the costs of office cleaning in Stockport. Unfortunate as it is, it’s true to say that cleaning cannot be avoided. Still, it’s nonetheless the kind of thing most businesses would prefer to dedicate as little time, effort and money to as possible.

Sidestepping office cleaning altogether is neither advisable nor realistic. That said, there are various ways and means by which costs can be brought under better control. It’s simply a case of being proactive and positive about the whole thing. So rather than just accepting things as they are, consider your current approach to office cleaning and ponder the following points:

Clean As You Go

One of the best things you can do is get the workforce into the habit of cleaning as they go. It tends to be the kind of thing that’s difficult to get underway at first, but soon becomes second nature. Encourage every employee to take care of basic cleaning duties as they go about their business. The more this happens, the less money you will then have to spend on general cleaning services. A great way of kickstarting your new strategy for cheaper office cleaning in Stockport.

Distribute Duties

It can also be a good idea to distribute certain duties and responsibilities among specific staff members and teams. For example, each day could see a different individual being allocated to give the staff kitchen a bi-hourly check. Or perhaps keep an eye on public entrances and walkways. Once again, it’s a case of tackling smaller cleaning duties on a constant and on-going basis. Efficient office cleaning in Stockport is all about proper delegation and supervision. Keep tabs on the smaller duties now, rather than dealing with more advanced issues later.

Can the Clutter

The easiest (and therefore cheapest) workplaces to keep clean are those that are somewhat minimalist. The simple fact of the matter is that most offices have equipment and clutter all over the place. The more clutter, the more difficult, time-consuming and expensive it is going to be to keep the place clean. As such, it’s worth considering from time to time how cluttered your office is. Think about what there is around the workplace you need, along with what you could quite happily get rid of. This on its own can make office cleaning in Stockport so much easier and help reduce costs.

Cleaning Days/Hours

If you are already working with a professional cleaning service, it’s worth thinking about the hours they visit you. Cleaning during normal office hours will inevitably constitute a certain amount of disruption. That said, it can often prove cheaper than hiring out-of-hours teams for office cleaning in Stockport.  Likewise, there may be days/periods when your business is significantly quieter than others, therefore not requiring intensive cleaning. It’s common for businesses to fall into some kind of routine and never question these things. But if you want to minimise expense, asking the right questions could make all the difference.


Always remember that it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to go with DIY office cleaning in Stockport or professional. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t take care of some of the basic duties yourself. Then have the professionals come in as and when necessary to handle the deeper, more extensive cleaning jobs. Lightening the load you place on the cleaning team you hire will result in faster and cheaper services. And when you think about it, there’s probably a lot you could be taking care of in-house.

Consider a Contract

Last but not least, do you currently organise office cleaning in Stockport on something of an ad-hoc basis? If you do, you could save considerably by considering a contract. As is the case with most examples of service provision, entering into any kind of on-going service agreement is cheaper. By contrast, as-and-when services usually end up being the most expensive by far. So if you haven’t already requested a quotation, it’s definitely worth doing so.

For more information on professional office cleaning in Stockport, get in touch with the Absolutely Gleaming customer service team today.

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