Wowing Guests: Six Steps for Stellar First Impressions

Cliché as it is, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And it goes without saying that office cleaning standards count for a lot. Attitudes to cleanliness say a lot about how you operate as a business. If you want to leave people with the best possible impression, you need to wow them from the start.

But as office cleaning is so wide-reaching, where to start?

Well, first of all you might like to consider professional office cleaning services. Particularly if you have any kind of important visit coming up, a deep clean could make all the difference. But if you prefer to handle office cleaning yourself, you’ll find it easier if you work with a checklist.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick six-step guide to creating the best first impressions: (at least in terms of office cleaning – the rest is up to you!)

1. Signage

First of all, chances are visitors will see your signage long before they see your business. Which in turn makes this the start of that all-important first impression. So along with making sure your building looks great, think about what your signage says about you. Even simple car parking and direction signs count. So be sure to include these in your office cleaning agenda.

2. Car Parks

Speaking of parking, how you keep your outdoor areas also counts for a lot. Even if your interiors are immaculate, a filthy car park leaves a bad taste in the mouth.Once again, it’s all about focusing on every aspect of the first impression you convey. If you want it to be the right one, you cannot leave anything out of the equation. If your guests are greeted with an immaculate car park, it sets the ideal tone for what’s to come. Anything else could have the exact opposite effect.

3. Exterior of the Building

Your guests haven’t set foot inside your building, yet they’ve already begun to build an impression of you. Interiors matters, but it’s the exterior of your building they’ll see first. So once again, office cleaning should extend to external areas too. Particularly in the case of walkways and entrances. Or anywhere they’re likely to focus more attention on than others. Always remember that lighting can also make a big difference to how your exteriors are perceived. Think of their journey into the building – not only what happens once they’re inside.

4. Windows

The only acceptable condition for your windows is flawless. There’s really no excuse at all for streaks, fingerprints or anything else that’s likely to attract attention. It isn’t difficult to ensure you windows are kept in good condition throughout the entire year. Even though it’s a minor detail, it’s minor details like these that can make all the difference. And while on the subject of glass, try to make sure that any mirrors around the place are also equally flawless.

5. Entrance Mats/Floors

Once in the building, chances are the first thing that will draw the attention of new visitors is your floor. Whether it’s the mats at the entrance, the carpets that line the hallways or the entirety of the floor in the reception area, it all gets scrutinised. Think about it – what kind of impression does a place with a dirty floor give off? Professional? Lazy? As a basic of good office cleaning, you expect it to be taken care of adequately. Just as any guests to your office will. Whatever it takes, ensure that your floors are kept in the best possible condition.

6. The Rest

Last up, the rest of the key office cleaning duties you’ll need to cover are also the most obvious. As in all the kinds of things you do every day around the office. Just in this instance, maybe a little more intensively. Once again, the key lies in considering their journey from start to finish. Not to mention, ensuring everyone knows the role they play in keeping the place clean. It might take time and effort, but the payoff is worth it.

After all, you only get once chance to…well, you probably know the rest by now!

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