DIY Stockport Office Cleaning: Five Reasons to Banish the Bleach

Every Stockport office cleaning service has its own policies when it comes to chemicals. Much of which comes down to personal preferences and habits. While some Stockport office cleaning companies favour the green approach, others aren’t quite so eco-savvy. But there’s one thing any good office cleaning provider would advise:

You need to be careful when it comes to bleach.

Professional Office Cleaning Service tip: Handle with Care

For those who go the DIY route, certain precautions are necessary. If professional Stockport office cleaning isn’t necessary, it’s up to you to get the job done safely. As it’s something most are familiar with, it’s instinctive to reach for the bleach.

When used appropriately, bleach can be a brilliant cleaning product. It has remarkable germ-killing properties and is great against mould/mildew. It can also be great for restoring the whiteness of various things. The only problem being that in many cases, it simply isn’t used as it should be. And this is where things become a little on the hazardous side.

So if you handle your own Stockport office cleaning manually, here’s a quick look at five reasons to exercise plenty of caution with bleach:

1. Health Risks

First of all, it’s no secret that bleach in general isn’t a particularly safe product.  Handled with care, it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Handled carelessly, it poses a wide variety of health risks. The same also goes for other cleaning products where bleach is a primary ingredient. Bleach can be extremely corrosive, posing a direct threat to those using it. It can irritate the skin, the eyes and the respiratory system. Even simply by breathing in the fumes, bleach can be surprisingly dangerous.

2. Chemical Reactions

Some mistakes can lead to bleach becoming even more dangerous than it already is. Primarily, when bleach is mixed with any other chemicals or cleaning products. When this happens, chemical reactions may occur with potentially devastating results. For example, when bleach is mixed with ammonia, highly toxic gas is created and released. However you go about your Stockport office cleaning, never under any circumstances mix two or more cleaning products.

3. Everyday Accidents

Avoiding all accidents across the board just isn’t realistic. The safer the cleaning products you use, the less dramatic the consequences should accidents occur. Spills, splashes, knocked over bottles and so on are all common around the office. It’s just that with bleach, the damage they may cause tends to be rather on the severe side. If not to those working in the office, perhaps to its equipment and furnishings.

4. Environmental Issues

Anyone interested in eco issues might want to think twice about using products like bleach. The more of the stuff you pour down the drain, the more it gets into our waterways. It takes centuries for the harmful compounds in bleach to decompose. By which time, they’ve already done irreparable damage. Which is why where used, bleach should be used responsibly and not wastefully.

5. Available Alternatives

Last but not least, one of the simplest reasons to avoid bleach is the fact that it’s easy to do so. Whatever purpose you had in mind for the bleach, there are plenty of alternatives available. In fact, there are comprehensive office cleaning products that are 100% eco-friendly. Which means that if you’d rather not use bleach at all, you don’t have to. Of course, other cleaning products need to be handled and used with just as much care. Health and safety is all about proactivity, rather than taking things for granted.

However you approach Stockport office cleaning, it needn’t be a dangerous job. Whether hiring the pros or going DIY, it’s up to which products make it into the office. Not to mention, how and where they get put to use. DIY office cleaning requires careful and strategic management, in order to avoid common accidents and injuries.

Not to mention, provision of all necessary PPE for those tackling daily duties. Especially when handling stronger chemical products like bleach.

It’s not to say that bleach is bad – just that it warrants unique care and attention. Plus you may find better products for the job that are less harmful and even more effective.

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