The Top 20 Cleaning Issues That Annoy All Office Workers

Office life – love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it! And it’s exactly the same with office cleaning too. Whatever you do and wherever you’re located, office cleaning is part and parcel of everyday life.

Unfortunately, it’s also routinely taken for granted. Specifically, far too many people assume that office cleaning is the sole responsibility of somebody else.  Quite simply, anybody other than them. All of which is precisely why offices quickly tend to fall into a rather sorry state. Unless everybody pulls their weight, it’s difficult to keep an office clean. In fact, even professional office cleaning services can only do so much. After all, it’s not as if they can stick around all day and continuously clean up after everyone.

Pet Peeves

The thing is though, most of those concerned also have their own office cleaning pet peeves. They might not mean huge efforts themselves, but they certainly don’t like the habits of others. When you think about it, chances are you have your own. The kinds of office cleaning issues that never fail to drive you mad.

Thought it was just you?  Not even close – check out the following top 20 office cleaning issues most workers hate:

  1. Up first comes the incredibly common habit of leaving dirty cups about the place. Even so much as one filthy mug left over a desk is enough to drive some people mad.
  2. How about continually piling rubbish into an overstocked bin, rather than walking 10 yards to empty it?
  3. Assuming there is some kind of magic kitchen fairy to do your dishes for you is a very unfortunate habit.
  4. Craving a dish that stinks to high heaven? Perhaps save it for your own home – don’t share it with the office.
  5. Or for that matter, place it in the fridge and make everything else in there smell rotten.
  6. Crumbs, spills and food debris are your responsibility to clean up. So do it!
  7. If not for your own benefit, consider your personal hygiene for everyone else’s.
  8. Which also includes taking a bath before work in overpowering perfume or aftershave.
  9. How often at work do you leave the bathroom without properly washing your hands?
  10. Or for that matter, without fully drying your hands?
  11. Try to remember that those communal pens and pencils are not yours for chewing purposes.
  12. And for that matter, neither are the pens and pencils loaned to you by others around the office.
  13. No toilet paper or hand towels in the bathroom? Why not be the one to actually do something about it?
  14. If you’re too sick to work without infecting everyone else, don’t! In this instance, nobody likes a hero!
  15. Wrong – everybody in the office can see you picking your nose. Or poking about in your ears. Or sneezing without covering your mouth and nose.
  16. Wiping around sinks and wash basins after you use them. Is it really too much to ask?
  17. Or how about opening windows or using air freshener? If you’re responsible for the stink, you’re responsible for dealing with it!
  18. Greasy fingerprints never fail to rub office workers up the wrong way. Windows, mirrors, doors, computer screens etc. Easy enough to avoid and clean, so there’s really no excuse.
  19. You know those instant antibacterial wipes most offices (should) have these days? Well they’re there to be used. Phones, mice, keyboards etc. If it’s there to be shared, it’s there to be cleaned.
  20. Last but not least, used gum is public-enemy number one, two and three. On desks, on shoes, on the floor – anywhere it shouldn’t be. An unforgivable office crime for which no punishment is too severe!

The one thing all of the above examples have in common is how easy they are to rectify. Which is why it’s so annoying that they tend to go overlooked. Still, if everyone does their part, office cleaning becomes so much easier for everyone.

And the office as a whole becomes a much more pleasant place to be.

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