Seasonal Office Cleaning: Coping with the Chaos of Christmas

Keeping the office clean, tidy and properly organised is always a challenge.  That said, it can be more challenging at some times of the year than others.  Whatever your approach to office cleaning in Norfolk, chances are you’ll find it trickiest of all around Christmas.

Christmas is a busy and chaotic time for most businesses. Planned and unplanned staff absences, scheduled closures of the office and so on. Not to mention, coping with the Christmas rush in general. So it’s hardly surprising that for the most part, office cleaning in Norfolk becomes something of an afterthought. Or at least, becomes much more difficult to control accordingly.

Which is why the worst thing any business can do is to overlook or ignore these inevitable complexities. Well, we say inevitable, but there are ways and means by which Christmas office cleaning in Norfolk can be made that little bit easier.

Always be mindful of the fact that the highest possible office cleaning standards bring a world of benefits to the workplace. From everyday motivation to illness prevention and right through to maintaining morale around the office. Which means that however much you invest in office cleaning in Norfolk, it represents a price worth paying.

But back with dealing with Christmas office cleaning in specific, what should you be doing before and during the festive season to cope? How can you ensure things don’t fall into total disorder and disarray this year?

Plan Ahead

Well, the first and most important thing you need to do is plan ahead. Trying to deal with things at the last-minute or make things up as you go along just isn’t going to work. Effective office cleaning in Norfolk means proactive and well-planned cleaning. Specifically, consider any events, closures, staff absences and so on that may be on the horizon. Then, ensure allowances have been made to cope accordingly. This way, there’s really no need to let the usual Christmas chaos result in an unholy mess!

Create a Cleaning Checklist

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to think about creating a cleaning checklist. This is really the only way of ensuring that every essential cleaning task is tackled as often as it needs to be. Those who provide professional office cleaning in Norfolk always work in accordance with checklists – why not you? Creating a checklist can also be a good way of carrying out an initial cleaning audit across the workplace. In doing so, you’ll find all those hidden bits and pieces that could do with being addressed along the way.

Delegate Duties

Once you have your checklist in place, the time comes to delegate duties. Even if your workforce doesn’t normally contribute to office cleaning, explain to each member of staff that they need to contribute to over the chaotic Christmas period. Perhaps not by way of carrying out any deep cleaning, but at least playing their part. Monitoring kitchen hygiene standards, emptying bins, giving bathroom sinks a quick wipe and so on. The idea being that the cleaner you keep things along the way, the less likely they are to degrade and deteriorate disastrously.

Personal Space

Accept nothing other than flawless standards when it comes to the way employees look after their own personal space. Day to day office cleaning in Norfolk becomes so much easier when every worker takes full responsibility for their own desk or workstation. Make your demands as clear as possible when delegating duties.

Cleaning Supplies

As always, you can’t realistically expect every member of the workforce to contribute to office cleanliness in the absence of essential supplies. From antibacterial wipes to sprays to cloths and so on, you should make sure these kinds of things are within easy reach at all times. Not only to make cleaning easier, but also to eliminate any excuse for not keeping the place clean.

Ask the Experts

Last but not least, if things really do hit crisis point over the Christmas period, don’t panic. All you need to do is give the experts a call and arrange a professional overhaul. Whether it’s a one-off job or on-going office cleaning in Norfolk, the pros can be a godsend when time is tight. Particularly if the state of your office is rather on the unfortunate side and you’d prefer not to spend time dealing with it yourself!

For more information on professional office cleaning in Norfolk, get in touch with the Absolutely Gleaming customer service team today.

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