Taking Control of Winter Bugs in the Workplace

The Great British winter is far from the most uplifting season of the year. In fact, it can be downright depressing. Particularly if you are forced to attend an office where half of the workforce is sick.

To a certain extent, winter colds, flus and other bugs are largely inevitable.  They are going to happen and some people are going to be affected – end of story. But at the same time, there’s no reason why they should be allowed to spread like wildfire across the workplace. Simply by taking your usual office cleaning regime to the next level, winter bugs can be brought under control.

The sheer number of working hours lost every year due to winter illnesses is spectacular to say the least. The biggest tragedy being that many cases could have been avoided entirely. It’s simply a case of being proactive when it comes to both attitudes and office cleaning standards. The worst thing you can do is accept winter bugs for what they are and allow them free rein.

So with this in mind, here are a few simple yet effective office cleaning tips for helping prevent the spread of winter bugs in the workplace:

Up Your Efforts

First and foremost, every aspect of your usual office cleaning regime should be stepped up in the winter. Even if this happens to be the time of year when motivation to clean the office is minimal. The human body’s immune system is weakened during the winter. Which means that all those germs, bacteria and viruses around the office cannot be fought-off as effectively as usual. In turn, it simply makes sense to ensure that said germs, bacteria and viruses are minimised across the entire workplace. From bathrooms to desks to kitchens to windows and so on, everything must be kept as clean as it can possibly be.

Ducts and Filters

Whatever kind of heating, filtration or air circulation systems you have installed, they need to be clean. If not, chances are they are simply going to harbour and spread bacteria and illness all over your office. The longer you allow the problem to intensify, the more likely you are to suffer an outbreak of illness. Given the fact that you’ll probably be keeping the windows closed for much of the season, you need to focus on internal air circulation. More specifically, the hygiene levels thereof. Be sure to add this to your winter office cleaning checklist.

Provide Provisions

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for every member of the workforce to contribute to the cause. Roughly translated, ensure that everyone has easy access to all the cleaning provisions they will need. Antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser, plenty of tissues and so on. The simple basics that are essential for immaculate and consistent office cleaning. The easier you make it, the more likely they are to do it!

Train and Remind

That said, you can’t always rely on the common sense of the workforce in general. Which is precisely why a basic level of office cleaning training and coaching comes highly recommended. By letting them know what they need to do, how they need to do it and when, they have no excuses not to do it. Even if it means putting up a huge notice to show who should be doing what, it’s worth ensuring that everyone understands their responsibilities.

Assign Monitors

It’s highly unlikely that you yourself will be able to continually monitor office cleaning standards. Chances are, you’ll be far too busy with other things. So it’s worth assigning as many monitors/supervisors as necessary to help. Not to micromanage, but simply to ensure that everything that needs to be done is done appropriately. Sooner or later, everyone should get into the habit of keeping things clean instinctively.

Hire the Pros

Last up, if you have neither the time nor the inclination to go to extremes with office cleaning this winter, give the experts a call. Faster results, better results and the potential to keep your office as illness-free as possible, throughout the season. From one-off deep-cleaning jobs to long-term contracts, it’s always worth finding out what the professionals have to offer.

For more information on professional office cleaning, get in touch with the Absolutely Gleaming customer service team today.

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