Top Tips for Cleaning After a Christmas Party

Whatever kind of business you work in, chances are you’ll be having at least one office party this year. Which for those who take care of office cleaning tends to be less than a highlight on the festive calendar. For obvious reasons, these are the kinds of events that usually descend into some kind of chaos.  Leaving behind the kind of mess and disorder that’s no less than spectacular.

Not in a good way, of course – especially if you’re charged with the task of the required office cleaning!

Nevertheless, there are avenues to explore to ensure that this year’s office party doesn’t leave behind such immense fallout. And while it might be a while until the action kicks off, there’s no better time to start planning than right now!

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of a few tips for making office cleaning easier in the wake of a frenzied Christmas party:

Remove Clutter

First and foremost, it’s difficult to make a mess if you ensure there’s nothing around to make a mess with. Or at least, minimise the clutter in the vicinity.  Try to allocate a space for the office party that’s as minimalist as possible. A place that’s easy to clean and difficult to mess up. Suffice to say, partying around the office as it is on a normal day-to-day basis is a sure-fire recipe for chaos. And for obvious reasons, you might want to think about removing anything valuable or fragile from the arena of combat!

Ditch the Disposables

There are two reasons why you might want to think twice about using disposable plates, glasses and so on. The first of which being that most tend to be anything but environmentally friendly. The second being that they can make office cleaning during and after the party even more difficult. Armed with disposables, members of staff are liable to discard them, throw them and hide them anywhere and everywhere. Plus, you’ll end up with more garbage around the place than you know what to do with. By contrast, provide the kinds of plates, cups and so on they need to take care of throughout the evening and they’ll probably do exactly that.

Rubbish Bin Bonanza

That said, it is still largely inevitable that a relatively huge amount of waste will be produced in one form or another. Meaning that the more bins you have around the place, the less likely things are to end up where they shouldn’t be.  Which in turn can make office cleaning in the aftermath that little bit easier.  And of course, be as strict as you can possibly be when it comes to separating rubbish. One bin for bottles, another for food waste and so on.

Delegate Duties

Sure, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but you are going to need at least a couple of people to help you take care of things. A couple of responsible individuals you can trust to help prevent things getting too messy in the first place. Plus, you can also let every member of the workforce know you expect them to clean as they go. Or at least, behave in a responsible manner and not make a pigsty of the place.

Cover Up

If there’s anything around the workplace you’d prefer not to get soaked in red wine or beer, you might want to think about covering it up. Electrical devices and appliances in particular, which for obvious reasons don’t go well with liquids.

Plan Ahead

As there is inevitably going to be quite the mess to clean up afterwards, it pays to plan ahead. If you are planning to tackle essential office duties manually, make a plan of action ahead of time. Who’s going to help, who’s doing what and so on. If you need to get back to business as quickly as possible, this may mean working through the night or over the weekend. Hence, not the kind of plan you can throw together successfully at the last minute.

Hire the Pros

Last but not least, you could always remove the burden from your own shoulders and have the experts take care of things on your behalf. Contrary to popular belief, professional office cleaners aren’t only available on long-term contracts. Instead, there are one-off services like these available to cater to all needs. Regardless of how filthy your office may be after the party, the pros can have the whole place gleaming once again by the next business day.

For more information on professional office cleaning in Norfolk, get in touch with the Absolutely Gleaming customer service team today.


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