Alternative Benefits of Office Cleaning

We believe that regular office cleaning creates an environment for happy staff. Having a clean and tidy working environment can have a huge impact on the workforce in a variety of ways. These impacts can both be physical and psychological. Here we have four areas in which the effects of regular office cleaning can have a big impact on the wellbeing of your staff.

Office Cleaning can Affect Mental Health

Contrast this with a dirty and disorganised office, with overflowing rubbish bins, grime smeared on the carpet and a fridge that no one would dare touch. It comes as no surprise that coffee stains on employee’s desks go untreated or that workers are consistently rummaging through piles of paperwork.

The disorganisation and lack of sanitation can leave your staff feeling stressed. Some may even experience anxiety and depression. Even putting aside ten minutes of the workday to tidy up the desk can contribute towards building a happy and creative workforce.

Office Cleaning can Affect Physical Health

People underestimate how many germs can harbour onto office equipment such as computers and telephones. This is especially the case if employees aren’t up to scratch with their personal hygiene (did you know a third of people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom!?)

Some studies have revealed that computer keyboards may contain over 7,000 bacteria. This means each day brings an increasing chance of illness when an office does not get cleaned. For example, the flu can survive on hard surfaces for more than 24 hours. It can quickly spread around the office from the moment one team member contracts it. In fact, the virus can infect all members of the office within only four hours!

Staff who are unwell are invariably happy but being absent can also have a knock-on effect regarding the happiness of others. A lack of staff means that there is more pressure on those who are in the office. With additional workload to deal with, stress levels increase. This can make staff more susceptible to illness. The best way to prevent this vicious cycle is to make sure that you have a robust office cleaning service at hand to keep the office space well maintained.

Health and Safety

An untidy workplace is not just something no one likes to look at. They can also be quite dangerous. Bags and coats being dumped on the floor can become a trip hazard, leaving food to spoil can lead to food poisoning.

What’s more, gunked up electrical equipment such as wires can become a fire hazard. It should go without saying that an injured employee is certainly not a happy one. You are likely to find yourself on the wrong end of health and safety or environmental health legislation.

Brand Sentiment

Most brands would prefer to be portrayed as a happy and caring company to work for. However, how can this be easy to achieve is the office is always a mess? An unhappy team, even if you have those who are good at hiding their frustrations, will reflect badly on your business. Not just when answering the phone or when meeting clients, but it can affect how well they perform in the workplace as well. Your staff will be particularly displeased if you invite customers into an office that is dirty and messy. The low standard will inevitably reflect on them.

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming

At this point, you should now be convinced that it is a worthy investment to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. If you find that your team is too busy for regular deep cleaning, then look no further. Absolutely Gleaming are here for all your office needs and can ensure that your working environment is to the highest standards of cleanliness. For more information, fill in our contact form or call us on 0161 491 4477.


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