Office Cleaning and Electronics

Over the years, Absolutely Gleaming have noticed that the task of office cleaning and electronics has become more complex due to the vast number that is now used daily. It is widely known that electronic objects attract dust. So, if you have a laptop screen, tablet and mobile on your desk, you are likely to find yourself dealing with a daily build-up of dust.

Regardless of the difficulties surrounding office cleaning and electronics, it is still an important job to be done. You could choose to tackle it yourself, or you could hand it over to a professional cleaning company who won’t leave any corners amiss.

Office Cleaning and Electronics: The Basics

If you do choose to invest in professional office cleaning, we still suggest you know the basics of keeping your office electronics well maintained on a daily basis. The amount of technology we come into contact with each day, and how we tend to share them with people, means that there are many health and hygiene factors to be kept on top of.

Here we have a round-up of our top tips for daily office cleaning for your electronics. These will help you to keep on top of bacteria and germs. To make things simple, we have broken down our advice to each device you are likely to use.


Look at your computer right now. Really look at it. Is it clean? Maybe not as clean as your thought? Computers are the worst for collecting dust and dirt. This is bad news. Not only is it unhygienic, but dust can be the cause of many operational issues and breakdowns if you are not careful.

Don’t worry too much, it is rather easy to keep dust at bay with your computer. All it takes is a can of compressed air and a soft cloth. Providing your computer with a quick wipe and a blast of air each day will help you to keep on top of the dust. It will also drastically reduce the rise of computer troubles. However, please remember that under no circumstances should a damp or wet cloth be used for cleaning any part of your computer.


If you think about what part of your computing is used the most, it is likely to be your keyboard. Not only does this make it a prime target for dust and dirt, but it is also rather hygienic. Think about how much your hands touch it throughout the day. The more germs that are left lingering, the more you are going to be coming into contact with.

It is these two main reasons that you should be giving your keyboard a clean on a daily basis. Don’t panic though, it is not as big a task as you may think. All you need to do at the end of the day is quickly turn your keyboard over and give it a shake out. Use a blast of compressed air to remove any stubborn crumbs. We also recommend you give it a frequent going over with an antibacterial wipe. This is to stay on top of any potential bacteria and germs.


Similar to a keyboard, the more often you clean your monitor the better, but treat it like your mobile and be sure to keep it away from moisture. It is best if you use products that are designed specifically to cleaning your monitor. This will avoid the risk of damage.

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming for Professional Office Cleaning

We hope you found these tips useful. It is always a good idea to do frequent office cleaning around your electronics but having a team of office cleaning professionals is a bonus. Absolutely Gleaming are here to ensure that your office space is left sparkling. If you feel you would benefit from a professional office cleaning service, then look no further. Get in touch with Absolutely Gleaming today by filling out our contact form or call us on 0161 491 4477.

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