Going Zero Waste for a Cleaner Office

Waste reduction is on the rise, but it is something that is not as commonly considered in the office as it is in the home. Depending on the size of your company, there are ways in which you can reduce your waste for the purpose of a cleaner office.

What Zero Waste Changes can I make for a Cleaner Office?

It may seem like the changes you can make to your working environment at extremely limited. After all, this is not something that requires the responsibility of one individual. However, if you put a plan into place about the changes you would like to see made and can get everyone on board, your company can have a large, positive impact on wastage. Not to mention, the less you waste, the easier it is to keep your office as clean as possible!

So, without further ado, here are some changes you can make in your company for a zero waste, cleaner office:


Make sure that all printers are set to print on both sides and to work on draft quality. This will cut your paper usage in half. Maybe even take it one step further and turn the printers off one day a week – this could really encourage your staff to think about what they do and don’t need to print!


Make individual staff things a thing of the past and welcome a recycling area to your office. This will help to raise awareness about what can be recycled at work. It can start a conversation about how much non-recyclable stuff is being used once and thrown away and can reduce the usage of these items.

Bulk Order

Packaging can be a pain to deal with, especially as it is only used for the sake of delivery and is then instantly discarded. Opt for buying in bulk to reduce the need to deal with this and save yourself money in the long-run!

Buy Recycled

When shopping for particular supplies, such as paper, try looking for recycled options. We can only expect to see more sustainable products if we create demand for them, so why not encourage this change now?

Don’t Replace, Repair!

We are now in a world where everyone must have the latest piece of tech, leaving old models in the scrapyard. But is there really any need to upgrade? Before you decide to throw away any devices, check to see if they can be repaired and/or updated to keep up with the needs of your working environment.

Reuse Packaging

If you have ever received an order in a padded envelope, you can reuse it for outgoing mail.

Resell or Donate

Sometimes, you may feel you really do need new devices in your office, but you know that someone else may get use of your old tech. In this instance, it’s a good idea to sell it on for cheap or donate it. New businesses would save money from buying second-hand, and you will have a bit of extra cash in your company pocket. The same goes with unwanted furniture.

Reduce Carrier Bag Wastage

Install a carrier bag reuse station for your staff to use when they head out for lunch. This will reduce a build-up of bags going to waste. It’s a good way to encourage your staff to buy fewer carrier bags every day too!

One Mug per Day

Make it a new rule in your office that staff can only use one mug per day. This will encourage them to refill it during the day before returning it to the dishwasher. This will save on water as well as washing up liquid and/or dishwasher tablets.


You would be surprised to see the big impact your company can have by making such small changes in the workplace. Get your staff motivated to make these changes and once you have achieved one change, move on to the next. Try to find things that resonate with a particular group of staff and see if they can share ownership of it. Make it fun for them so they are more willing to engage and work as a team to uncover where you are producing the most waste.

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming

You will be amazed to see how much tidier your workplace can be if you work together to reduce the amount of waste you use. For the rest of the cleaning, you will benefit from a team of experienced professionals who can keep your office space sparkling! To find out more about the services we offer, get in touch.

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