3 Basic Rules for World Class Office Cleaning

It’s true what they say you know: the quality of your office can have a huge impact on staff productivity. What’s more, it can also sway how a client views you and your business. If you are serious about running a successful business, then you must take your office cleaning seriously as well.

Finding the Best Office Cleaning Services

It is likely that you have considered hiring a professional office cleaning company to take care of things. Do the right research and the cleanliness of your offices will come with many benefits, such as:

  • Better employee health
  • Motivated staff
  • Stronger team morale
  • Less absent workers
  • Better first impressions with clients
  • Less to zero time wasted on sorting out hygiene and cleanliness issues

Make the wrong choice and you may find yourself wasting time and money running around chasing cleaners to get the job done as you expect them to. As a result, your office will become less welcoming, less motivating and less hygienic. Here, we have some rules to follow for finding the best office cleaning service out there.

First Rule: You are only as Good as your Team

Just like any business, your team are the backbone of any organisation and how well you succeed will be based on how well you treat them and how they, in turn, treat you. Hence why it is so important that they are looked after, properly trained, incentivised and trained.

Having an office cleaning company that is progressive, inclusive and fair will outshine any that scrimp and save on important team investment. What’s more, the better you treat people, the longer they wish to stay. This means you will have a much better workforce without having to invest in more recruitment. And who wouldn’t want to employ a cleaning company with skilled, happy and well-motivated staff who want to stick around?


Does your office cleaning company understand that above everything else, they are a service company? Are they aware that it is their duty to deliver a truly exceptional cleaning service to your offices? Of course, they must respect their staff, but that doesn’t mean you don’t come first. The best service comes from a company that is willing to bend over backwards for you. They should also be keeping the promises they made when you first hired them.

Think about these questions regarding your current office cleaning company:

  • Do they offer creative cleaning ideas?
  • Can they provide ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the job?
  • Will they recommend new technologies or new ways to organise staffing or timing?
  • What are their policies and procedures?
  • What about response guarantees or turnaround promises?
  • Do they offer loyalty schemes?

Something that many commercial cleaning companies fail to realise is the benefits of being client focused, open and honest. Not only does the client get a better service, they soon turn them into advocates!

Cost Vs Value

The cheapest and the most expensive are two opposite ends that should be equally avoided. Somewhere in between is where you will find the cost of good value. You need a cleaning contract that gets the right job done at the right price. What’s more, the right price should be clearly listed and explained thoroughly. Absolutely Gleaming Services offer a highly valuable office cleaning service as a price you can afford.

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming Services

If you think it is time you found a quality office cleaning company for a fair price, then look no further. Get in touch with Absolutely Gleaming today to see what we can do for your office and commercial property to keep it clean, fresh and sparkling!

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