Self-cleaning Vs Contract Office Cleaning

Many businesses believe that if they wish to save money on contract office cleaning, then the work should be shared among the staff. They also think it can be done whenever they have a spare few minutes. You may even yourself think that this is a good idea. however, when you break down the actual costs of the DIY approach, you will soon discover how much it is truly costing you!

Avoiding Contract Office Cleaning taking it into your Own Hands

A small business with an office would generally consist of a few desks, a washroom, a small kitchen and a reception or entrance area. On the surface, you would think that this does not require too much attention.
In truth, looking at it closely will make you realise how many elements must be cleaned. Desks, chairs, bins, computers, units, carpet, phones, switches, windows, windowsills, lights… And that’s just the office area!

The kitchen has hard-flooring, cabinets, worktops, a fridge, a toaster (which is usually packed with crumbs), and a bin. Don’t forget the washroom either. Your toilet is certainly in need of a regular clean, as well as every other element of the room.

When considering taking office cleaning into your own hands, you will soon realise that a “few minutes” could take up to an hour! Here are some elements you need to think about when considering taking command of your office cleaning.

  • How much cleaning equipment will you need to investment?
  • Is the equipment you have invested in truly suitable for the job?
  • How much will it cost to replace a potentially broken hoover?
  • Are the cleaning products you bought suitable?
  • Is the equipment colour coded to eliminate cross contamination?
  • Do they have COSHH and MSDS sheets?
  • How much business time and efficiency will you lose due to cleaning time?

The last one is often one that is not thought about. If your company needs 9-5 hours, how much of that time do you want to lose by having your team stop their usual work to complete a list of cleaning tasks? Though it is important that everyone does their bit to keep the office tidy on a daily basis, do you really want to take hours out of the week to sweep, mop, clean toilets and more?

Let us Take Care of your Office Cleaning

Too many small business owners, the long list of elements that must be considered for a thorough clean would not cross their mind. However, these are all equally important aspects that must be taken into account for the sake of keeping your office clean and hygienic at all times.

Once you have factored in every aspect of the cleaning process, from purchasing cleaning products and equipment to time management, you realise how must you must invest to personally clean your own office. This is why you are more likely to benefit from a professional cleaning service such as Absolutely Gleaming.

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming Today

At Absolutely Gleaming, we have the time to keep your offices sparkling with our safe and documented equipment and chemicals necessary. We can ensure that cover is provided if the cleaner is off and we can replace any broken equipment. What’s more, we have the time to ensure that you are getting the service you deserve. Choosing a professional office cleaning service from the likes of us may seem like an additional cost to your budget, but you will soon realise how well it pays off in the long-run. So get in touch to find out more about how we can help keep your office absolutely gleaming!

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